Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 15 year birthday to me...That's right; I've been clean & sober for 15 years.
I have no regrets my past made me who I am today. Without drugs and alcohol I doubt I would of ever become an ultrarunner.I thought I would share some photos of my drug and alcohol years.
DRUGS STEAL SOULS! I read that somewhere years ago, I think it was a Lip service ad it has always stuck with me. I got mine back.

This use to be my theme song..By My Life with the Thrill kill kult- I live for drugs.

"I live for drugs." "That's great "I freaked out very very badly ,I freaked out on acid."

"That's great "I'm the white rabbit."Here where I sit alone lostHere I will dream,
whyGive me a drink, I need a think nowI gotta rip my stinking brain
"My friends turn me on." "I could never afford it, I would never buy drugs."
"I live for drugs "That's great"I'm the white rabbit."Black boots, highway broads Dope forever, forever loaded Black boots "I freaked out on acid "I'm the white rabbit.
"Here where I sit alone lost Here I will dream, whyGive me a drink, I need a think nowI gotta rip my stinking brain, freaked out very very badly. "I freaked out on acid." "I'm the white rabbits] "Joan? Joan? Bitch! I'm gonna find her, and I'm gonna kill her!"

Crossfit WOD
Kettlebell swings, walking lunges, 400 m run
time: 7:50


Mountain Goat said...

Happy Happy Resurrection. I'm glad you got your soul back.

The drugs were bad, but GREAT outfits! I could never pull that off even in my 20's. You are so creative with the makeup and your face is sculpted in such a way that you can create all kinds of "looks". Though I will say that you were very theatrical looking which I would guess was the intent.

Good for you;learning the right lessons from your past to live a better life. Some people never learn.

Anonymous said...

congrats! It's a big deal and inspiring to see. Plus you're way more cute now ;)

aNd! said...

Congrats, amazing accomplishment so much to be proud of!

Just me...and bike ramblings said...

Good on you it is an amazing decision to have made...Been there but haven't got anywhere near 15 clean years under my belt yet (I'm at 8 years at the mo). Used to wear my make up and hair that was too (was known as the purple lady for a while cos had UV purple hair!!). Aah the memories of whiting out my face with Leichner clown white make up!! But seriously you did an amazing thing there.... Em

Shannon said...

Very inspiring that you "kicked it."

jim said...

Outstanding, Cat.
I got clean 22 years ago tomorrow.
What a difference surrender makes.

Kara said...

Congratulations on 15 years!

Larry L said...

Catra - Happy birthday and congratulations on your continuing success! Many people struggle to get up and over the mountains in their lives. I think ultrarunning is illustrative, on many levels, of how you continue conquering each one that gets in your way. Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and the beauty you invoke now is much better than before. I just passed my 25th, and still running (slowly) at 70.
Hang in there for the miles to come, as they get better each year.

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday!

You are in a different place than before and I'm sure you are and will be an inspiration for many, whether you know it or not.

Keep it up. And stay happy and in a good place!

Susi said...

Happy Birthday! Pics are great, but I think you look much happier now. Plus, I like the pink hair much better!

Funny thing about your then photos and the photos you've posted of can see how much brighter your soul and spirit are now. It's wonderful to see.

Blessings to you for having made it through! You are an inspiration for many!

Sara said...

Catra, happy re-birthday. i'm so happy you were able to break your addiction and find a new life as an ultrarunner. you inspire me with your dedication and success.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have come such a long way from your destructive past. I, too, struggled with difficult times in my teen years and then discovered that training the body helped mend the mind. You are such and inspiration! I love the photos and I follow your blog pretty regularly. CrossFit is a blast and it's great to see women so fit and empowered. Rock on!

Unknown said...

congrats!!! don't forget to update your profile paragraph to reflect the new number!!! keep on running!!!

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

And I thought I was a goth back in the day! (although, like you, the obtaining of tattoos continues at an ever-feverish pace). Congrats on the sobriety.

Over-Educated Nympho said...

Catra, your story is so inspiring. Congrats for turning your weakness into your strength. You leave me in awe every time I read through your blog.

Here's to another fifteen years!

Mary said...

Great going hon, you are an inspiration and I swear that Thrill Kill Kult song could have been my anthem for quite a few years too! Always loved the Goth look though and you're makeup was awesome. You've come a long way.

Smithposts... said...

Happy clean birthday! You are a real inspiration!

Anonymous said...

15 year, cool, i hit 20 in aug, strange, i got into Thrill Kill Cult after i had @ 5 years clean.

plessthanpointohfive said...

Hi Catra,

I just learned about you. I am a fairly new runner...just got into it a year ago. I had a food addiction that I still deal with.

When I started running it was simply to help me lose weight but I realized, quickly, that I actually love the act of running.

I don't run like you, at most I run 35 miles in a week. But I love it. And I love reading your posts.

I would love to read your story of how you went from drugs to running. How you found running. I found it by accident. I wonder if that's actually quite common.

No matter what, I hope you find some gladness that someone else (in your age group, no less) finds inspiration in you.


PunkRockRunner said...

I am so proud of you and your sobriety. I am coming up on 13-years and getting ready to start running Ultras in the fall. As you know, this sober life if a better life.

You are beyond special!

All the best,


seawallrunner said...

Congratulations Catra. You inspire me every day. 15 years is a tremendous achievement, one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. What a vivacious soul you have!! I look forward to your posts every day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You are one tough cookie!

Unknown said...

I've run lots of miles, and lots of hills, but none steeper than the sheer granite face of denial. "What? Me? I don't have a problem." 15 years is huge. The first 30 days, now that was even larger.