Monday, June 01, 2009

33:36...That was my finishing time, for my 6th annual Ohlone 100 miler.
All the pictures were taken yesterday. I had some great friends out helping. Jerry, Mike, Julia,Linda, Mylinh and Joe. Thanks to all of you.
Linda ran with me the first 12 miles. Mylinh and Joe were out there running the 50k but we didn't really run together much. I left them after backpackers some where.
I was calm and relaxed most of the time. At times it felt effortless to be running so far. I planned for a sub 34 hour finish. But the whole time never knew really what pace I was running. I just knew I wanted to be to the start of the last 50k by 2:30am which I was. I left at 2:20am for my last 50k.
Julia was awesome through the night. I was on my own for the last 21. But I knew the Volunteers who were camping out since Saturday would be waiting for my return.
Jurek had pink lemonade at Maggie's for me at mile 40 and it was awesome. I knew I would have some again at mile 89.6 again.
I tried to call Andy at Rose peak my last time on the top. But he didn't Answer ;-(
I was having a down moment because my feet were hurting. I just sad up there cried and regrouped.
Got to Maggie's and changed socks.
Headed out and was on my way to the end.
My goal was to stay ahead of the lead runners and not let them pass until Shleplers rock. The 1st place guy caught me near Johnny's pond. No one else caught me until I was heading down Satan's pit. Which was fine. I had a blister explode in my shoe. It was painful. I popped two advil and limped down the trail.
In like 7 min, the pain went away and I was fine.
Two runners that were cheering on the racers decided to head back with me to the finish.
Holly and Gary were their names they were awesome just having someone to talk with those last few miles was great. They were awesome.

Jo Lynn was a mile up from the finish and ran in with me too. Thanks girl for being out there you lifted my spirits.
Thanks to all of you who text me through my run. It lifted me to the finish. Thanks ;-)

I do have some blisters and am soaking my feet and putting cream on them. I will just keep that up. They should be fine for SD 100 this weekend.
I did bang my foot on a rock 4 miles from the finish and it pull two toe nails up. Ouch I know.
I will tape my feet up good for SD this weekend and change socks 4 times so that should help get me to the finish.
The good news is my legs are not really sore. Usually they are trashed after the OWT 100 but not this year.


Robert said...

That sounds like an amazing run (minus the part about the blister). Good luck in SD next weekend. The fact that you are running another 100 miler a week after this one is beyond comprehension to mere mortals (like me). Keep it up.

aNd! said...

That is awesome, congrats. I don't know how your legs are not sore. Mine are sore from reading that.

Catra said...

Robert I know it's crazy but I believe in the challege of doing what I do. Also did I mention I love running my solo 100 each year, I couldn't help that they changed the date this year and SD 100 which is also a race I love was a week later. Nothing I could do so of course I have to run both ;-)

aND thanks you're funny.

Unknown said...

Great Job Catra.
Take care of the feet.

Mountain Goat said...

Amazing Catra, just amazing. Take great care of those feet. I wish you a fun and fast run in SD.

Visionbuilder said...

Hope our texts through the night helped. Tell Andy next time he is to sleep with the phone next to his ear!! Good luck next weekend!!

Snakebite said...

Good job, Catra!

Andy said...

I'm not sure if I want to be you, or I think you're crazy... :-)

Excellent job! Have fun with your second 100 miler in a week... Wow I haven't had a 200 mile week on my bike never mind running... :-)


Kevin B said...

Crazy impressive. I did the 50k and I'm still limping - not really a runner though so I guess that's expected - and wandering around in a fog. Can't believe you are running 100 again this weekend. You really have taken your mind and body to another level.

Susi said...

congratulations on your race! i think it's brilliant that your legs are feeling good! i should also thank you for a posting a while back about the chi running. i've been trying to improve my running posture and the hints you gave helped.

good luck in your next race - truly inspiring what you do!


CoyoteGirl said...

Awesome run Catra! Did you ever think about trying to run in sandals maybe (ala Barefoot Ted)? I wonder if that would help in the blister department. Or maybe it would be worse...what the heck do I know? :)

Are you doing Headlands 100?