Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let Go

Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to. Unknown
This morning Rocky and I walked with Jerry to the bus stop. We then headed out on a 2 mile run.
I came home and headed back to the Lawler av house to clean the room.
I got a call from someone who wanted to buy my Futon. And wanted to come by at 1:30.
I decided instead of running up Mission Peak I would explore my new hood a little more. I did about 7 mile run on the roads. I actually use to hate roads but since I have to run 2 miles on the roads everyday I would embrace the road now.

I explored and looked at all the beautiful monster homes in the area where I live. Thinking how can they afford such huge places. I also noticed a lot of them are for sale.
I found a Hill that I named Hetch Hetchy hill and did repeats up and down six times. It has a great view of the bay area, and of Mission Peak from here. I noticed a couple nights ago this is were people come to watch the sunset.
These Pictures were taken on top. The Hetch Hetchy reservoir runs underneath it. Funny I will be running Hetch Hetchy on Saturday and thinking how cool... the water is running underneath where I stand, on my little hill where I live, and it travels all the way from the Sierras to get here.
These are just fun pics I took on top of the well , below is the water from the Sierras. There is some pretty interesting graffiti on the well.

The Hetch Hetchy water runs below here,. There is Mission peak in the background.
Look there is even a stable and four horses in my neighborhood. How cool is that??? ;-)


Steve Ansell said...

Welcome to south Fremont, though I am slumming it down in Warm Springs, not up in the Mission Hills with you high-falutin' types.

Those roads you speak of are well known to me as one of my common routes is to run up East Warren and then turn right up the steep hill and run around to the bottom of Rancho Higuera Rd. which is where the horses are. In the mornings the turkeys sometimes come and take over that neighborhood.

Kellie said...

Lovely countryside! Enjoy your new digs and I'll see you soon.

Kara said...

Read your blog all the time. And I love this quote.