Monday, March 31, 2008

don't worry I didn't eat Mickey. I don't eat wheat, plus I'm on the Zone diet!!! And he's not in the ZONE!!!

Consider this amazing possibility: You incarnated on this earth just to experience the joy of being alive. Do you even know joy?? Do something about that today.
I had no idea Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas was part of Disney. Me just modeling with Jack.
Andy bought me the cutest purse, it's a Nightmare before xmas purse.
Sunday we went to the Wisteria fest in Sierra Madre we bought some cool crafts the weather was a little iffy. It was cloudy most of the day.

Today is one of the hardest days of the year for me. It's the Anniversary of my Moms death. I miss her everyday and think of her often. I will always keep her memory alive. She is and will always be my hero.
Being with Andy during this time somehow made today a bit easier. He can relate because both his parents are gone too.
We feel it was our Angels(our parents) who brought us together.


Judi said...

Awww girl, I am sorry about your Mom's death. It brought tears to my eyes. I am glad you got to be with Andy though, must have made it just a tiny bit easier.

Catra said...

Hey Jay it's not so much of a diet as I want to lose weight, I do want to lose body fat. It's all about balancing your hormones. It makes perfect sence to me. I have known about it for years. When I went to my crossfit cert. they talked about it.
I know a lot of crossfitters that follow it and they look great. Just thought I'd try it. I have been eating a mostly zone diet for a long time. Not having read the book I didn't understant the blocks now I do.

Catra said...

Hey Judi-
Thanks so much. It did make it easier.
Have a wonderful day.

Olga said...

My heart goes out to you this day. You are a good girl, and your Mom would have been so proud and happy - and to see you two together. Looks like you had fun when I did too:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,

Been reading your blog for some time, very inspiring!!

I was wondering if you would share some info on your blog about the Zone diet and veganism. I remember seeing awhile back in feature on you in a veg magazine that you were vegan at the time, so just curious if and how hard it has been to be vegan on the zone diet. Thanks!!
Jen, SF Bay area.

Alan said...

I have been reading your blog since finding it some time ago.
Sorry ti hear of your pain from your loss but glad you had someone to spend the time with that understands!

Have a good run this weekend.

CubicleGirl said...

Catra -
To echo anonymous... what would a typical day of eating be like for you, especially considering your veganism/ raw food choices. I've been on the zone for all of two weeks (ha!), but already i feel like it is making a difference. I really enjoyed the book(my mother's copy from the early 90s), and find it makes a LOT of sense... that 40/30/30 thing seems so logical after reading it!