Sunday, March 09, 2008

580 sit-ups
People often ask me how do you get abs like that?? Well it's not from running that's for sure. I get them from my abmat. Check out
and you too can get crossfit abs ;)


Judi said...

Hey Catra,

I did my 2cd Crossfit class today. I love it. You have a great time with Andy girlie!! Have a great race and have fun with it!


Smilin-buddha said...

Does your New boyfriend have the matching star heart Tattoo.

Catra said...

Yes he does!!!! Andy & I got the same tattoos together.

Snakebite said...

Wowza! Nice tats and nice boobs!

jaltevers said...

Good luck at the race and have a blast with the man, meeting up again after a long time a part is a blast. My wife and I were like that when we were dating!!! Awesome times.

What type of diet do you do for abs like that. I know the work outs help but some of that is diet. I'm curious 'cause I'm getting back into the diet thang.

runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,
It was good to see you yesterday. I did good considering of not training on hills. Have fun in L.A. Scott said hi. Takecare...


Anonymous said...

I did my own WOD today.Made it up because I didnt have enough heavy weight to do benching my own body weight(I can do 100 pound bench but cant seem to oush the last 10 for my weigh-110) anyway so it was 20 min for as many rounds and did 15 kettle bells,8 dead lifts,20 weighted sit ups & tri dips. I did 10, it was tiring mostly due to the kettle bells swings(which I have always loved to do) I had just did a fast 9 miler hilly run getting ready for Ohlone. Anyway 1 week into crossfit and loving it to DEATH.I am getting quite obssesed....anyway I am going to check out the abmat..thanks..

I think you are gone next weekend on a run with your man but we will be at Mission peak Sunday to 12 miles.....

and PS, you have the best abs ever....I type too much haha

Catra said...

Hey Judi-
Thanks so much. I'm so happy you like crossfit.

Catra said...

Hey Snakebite-
Thanks ;)

Catra said...

Hi Jack-
Thanks ;)
I'm a vegan and try to follow more of a zone type diet.
Low carbs, low fat high protein.
Really though the ab-mate will make a huge difference.

Catra said...

Great hearing from you.
I'm so proud of you for doing crossfit.
Bummer, I am gone. Have fun on Mission peak.
Thanks, hey I swear by the abmat you should buy one. It's awesome.

GB said...

You HAWT momma you! You are looking good, girl!!!

Anonymous said...

very nice