Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You never stop repairing and renewing yourself. You must absorb the light and shadow of each day you live. Don't keep your spirit stuck in yesterday as a new day begins. Prayer is process.
Wow what a perfect healing card to pull today. I have been so sad trying to figure this thing called life out. This time of year is especially sad. In less than a week it will be the 6th anniversary of my Moms death. Easter was her favorite time of year. So i really miss her.
I have my crossfit cert. this weekend and am bummed I won't be at Coyote 2 moons 100 supporting Andy.
Good news I went to Whole Foods in Cupertino nice new store. My friend Dominic works there and has been bugging me to come there. The teamleader is cool and will let me stay on Seasonal and I can work there mon-Thurs. Perfect. I will stay on at REI one day a week.
I'm hoping the Pasadena store will have an opening in the next few months, so I can move down South;)

Pose is hard work. Still working on my form.
NO Way are those pink trail shoes???? YES way! They are someone answered my prayers. Well North Face did. These are very light weight trail shoes with no support and thin sole perfect for pose running. I ran 8 miles on the road in So Cal and 10 miles on the trail today. The real test will be Friday on a 40 mile run.

New Gear, North face cooper hill trail shoes, Injinji socks, Nathan 08 version intensity woman's pack and amphipod hand held.


Leslie said...

It looks like we both had a great run today!!

I love the cow photo with much great colour!

Speaking of which, those are dead sexy new runners. It's almost like they designed them just for you!!

CoyoteGirl said...

Oh those shoooz are rockin! You'll have to tell us how they pan out after the 40 miler on Friday. I can't make it out since the kiddos are home from preschool that day AND I have teacher conferences...grrr.

Don't be sad about figuring out this life. Live in the moment! Look at those fabulous moments you just had on the trail (I dig the cow picture!) You have a fabulous, adventurous life - think good thoughts and good things will continue to come your way!

Judi said...

Hi Catra, I hope you get to go see Andy again soon, I saw your My Space mood as sad, felt bad for you. I love your new shoes, too cute. I am looking for trail shoes since I found an ultra 50k to do in Oct. I tried trail running this week and loved it but people keep saying I am going to break an ankle. You are my inspiration girl, keep your chin up and I will hope you and Andy can be together again soon.

Anonymous said...

Catra, I don't know you, but from reading all your posts over the past couple of years (plus your PCT blog), you definitely seem to have a life that others would kill for. I guarantee you that in your case, the grass is probably not greener on the other side. Keep your chin up!

Olga said...

What awesome shoes, so fitting for you! best of luck on cert, and good luck to Andy. When you figure out that life thing, let me know:) Run happy, chica bonita, smile!

mrsmommyb said...

i LOVE the shoes too. compliments to ink! i wanted to get pink shoes too but got white and bright green instead since my husband bought them. =]

i'll be sure to let sarah know you said hello next time i see her.

p.s. like is such a weird thing, isn't it? my life did a total 180 from before i met my husband to now. never thought i'd be here.

Unknown said...

Go Fast shoes!
So cool.

JeffO said...

Catra! I swear you're a teenager! You look younger every time you post. Andy must be potent magic.
Good luck with your Crossfit!

T Z said...

Cool kicks! Please let us know how they work on the long haul.

Anonymous said...

I freakin' LOVE those shoes!!!

Best of luck wqith the 40 miler.

mrsmommyb said...

ohhh yeahhh. i've been asking all the running peeps out there: when did you start running and why?

sakura =]

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra, I found your link from DaneRunsAlot's link. I'm trying to incorporate Pose & Chi, etc., and have been running in the new Vibram FF Sprints (toe shoes). Have you checked these out?--they seem like they'd be great for you. No vested interest in the company, just trying to heal my plantar fasciitis (too many ultras) and these shoes really rock. Great blogsite, great posts, take care...

CubicleGirl said...

Love the shoes! Where did you get them...? I can never find good trail shoes :(
Love your legs too - So colourful... and strong!

Deanna Stoppler said...


That photo with the Angus rocks! You sure know how to have a good time. Good luck on the cert. You'll do great!

Catra said...

Hey SG-
They do look like they were made for me!

Catra said...

Hey CG-
I wore them today and love them I will write more on the blog.
Thanks so much for the positive words. I am a super positive person most of the time. But every now and then I get sad.
I will focus on being positive.

Catra said...

Woo Hoo Judi-
I am happy you will be running a 50k. Trails are so fun I unleash my inner child out on the trails :)
I will see Andy Thursday morning-Sunday.
I think Saturday we're going to Disneyland and the Bondage ball in Hollywood all in the same day. My idea, we will be going extreme that day in many ways ;)
Send Andy positive vibes he's running a 100 mile race as we speak.

Catra said...

Hey Jay-
Thanks so much for the post.

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
LOL...I will let you know when I figure it out.
I should have a fun weekend. I wish I could be at the finish to see my sunshine ;( but I must get my crossfit cert.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...


Just have to tell you about my newest shoe.

I live in Sweden and here we have a company called Icebug who are making a new trailshoe called "froggy"

Check it out....

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra!

i know this is an old blog post but our internet wasn't working for a week and i've been catching up on your posts lately and i came across these pictures with the BEAUTIFUL background! i know houses aren't the best backgrounds for some people but it's just neat i guess lol! I want to move to LA one of these days...don't know if it will happen but i want to lol! i keep praying dad will take us all down there one of these days for a trail run or something...maybe i'll hate the town, who knows lol! anway, just wanted to say that lol!

rad shoes by the way ;) i'm sooo jealous!

Take Care!