Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAPPY EASTER BLOGGERS.....Day one of the crossfit level 1 cert. All of the people in the pictures are trainers of crossfit one world or students attending the cert. We had 7 peps from one world who got their certs. Congrats. to all.

Get ready, I repeat, get ready, as the wheel is about to turn and an old cycle end and a new cycle begin. A new way of doing things is about to commence. The struggle will now be over as life rapidly turns into something much better. Sometimes there has to be havoc and chaos while a new order is established. Don’t get stuck on how it ought to be, let things go the way they will - this will bring you much good fortune. Don’t forget to say thank you for this chance to begin again.
© Stephen Haynes

To become a level 1 trainer they try to break you down and kill you. If you survive you are Fit as Fuck and you will get certified, which by the way all 60 of us did ;)
It was very intense and I learned a lot. I really gotta thank Freddy and the staff of One world without them I would not have a solid enough foundation, to feel confident about training people. I have a lot to learn and want to work with other trainers to get more knowledge.
We were put there some pretty hard WODS but we all survived. The coaches and trainers were awesome.

Me and the beautiful and very BADASS Nicole. One of the trainers.

The badass crossfit trainers, I feel so lucky to be in the middle of these hunks.

Last but not least we must all congratulate Andy my BF ,he placed 6th overall in the Coyote two moons 100 miler, He finished in 28 hours and change.
I am so very proud of you Andy. Now if I could only become as badass as a runner like him I would be super happy.


Steve Ansell said...

Congrats on the certification, Catra. Very cool. Andy ran one incredible race at C2M though he did was clearly the biggest "sanbagger" since he started with me in the 6pm group for those expected to finish in 34 hours or more!

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
Congrats. to you too!!! He said he met you. Yeah, he ran an awesome race.
I hope you recover well! What's next???

Josh said...

I love that pic of you an Nicole! Two of my favorite people to look at in one picture!

mrsmommyb said...

yay! congrats to both you and andy. =] it's awesome seeing someone get their cert. really makes me want to bust my ass to get one. hahaha...but first i need to get some pull ups...*sigh* =]

Judi said...

Congrats for getting your cerf, and congrats to Andy for doing so well in his 100m!