Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tranquility is achieved when you are in harmony with all beings and all situations, knowing that everything is precisely the way it is meant to be.
These pictures were taking on my run after crossfit run 9 miles. The first 4.5 miles was at mellow pace. Ran 44 min. the second 4.5 miles was run faster 38 min. It's hard for me to run fast like this never did any speed work until recently it's all so new to me. I hope it helps to make me a faster Ultrarunner ;)
Under a overpass on the Alameda creek trail.

Taking it easy on the way out.
A falcon on a wire.

WOD 11/5/2008

Split Jerk


55,65, 75, 85 f, 80, 85f, 85 f


Anonymous said...

That's a red-shouldered hawk.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra-

I saw you this morning at CF. Didn't want to be a spaz and introduce myself, but promise to next time! Thanks to you and another friend who told me about One World I start my training sessions to learn the basics tomorrow. Looking forward to it!


Catra said...

Hey Sara-
That was you who came in and was talking with Freddy??? I was a little out of it. I was doing the split Jerk and the bar hit me in the neck ouch!!!! I then was in a rush and was spaced out had to get a 9 miler in.
I'm so excited you signed up. WOO HOO..We will talk next time ok?

Jo Lynn said...

Boomer & I were out on Alameda Creek Trail this morning. Sorry we didn't see you. Boomer always gets o sexcited when he hears your voice. ;)

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

Hi ya Catra, loved hearing for you. We'll be opening the new place in just a few weeks, so come on down whenever. Guaranteed good time.

Yeah, I'm running the 1/2 next weekend, then switching thankfully back to trails. Andy's a dream come true, he's helping me set up a routine to make sure I'm on target for the 2010 AC. Teaching me all sorts of invaluable info, introducing me around, etc. Very cool man.

I'll let you know when I'm comfortable in the 20+ range and we can go running when you're in town. Take care and rem to take a real rest day now and again, okay?

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

fast and ultra are contradictions in terms, but I know there are some uber fast ultra folks out there. good luck with getting faster.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice speed!! And I love the "rebel" photo!

christian said...

Catra - me too, man!

Working on that speed. Ran 8 today focused on negative splits as well.

32 for the first four.

31 for second four.

Was able to nail a new 10K PR since CFE as well (45:27). Not fast - but getting faster.

...tossed in Fran again, for the second time this week as well.

Keep posting your times as all this is a great test in training (CF + speedwork + races)

Much respect to you and Carl