Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hanging out at the atalanta athletic wear booth this weekend. I worked the Two cities marathon expo. on Friday and Saturday it was super fun. Heather the CEO was in Big Sur working at the Half marathon expo. so she sent Lisa Ohlson and I to work Two cities.
We got along great and had a blast even got her to do two Crossfit Wods. I think she loved it. Carl came up with 2 hard ones he's evil that way that's why I love him.

Saw a few friends and met some fans of the blog.
I will be working at the CIM marathon the first weekend in December. Remeber there is a link to order product just click on my tool bar atalanta athletic wear.

Ofie and crew at the expo booth.
Oswaldo Lopez on the right very fast ultrarunner came in 4th at AC 100 this year. Just out to run a little 2:45 training run in the Marathon. Yeah right that's super fast!
Lisa and I posing, she got good at it hanging with me this weekend.

11-07 WOD
20 min as many rounds of:
5 jump squats
12 lunges
20 abmat sit ups
my time:29 +11

11-08 WOD
Sprint 60 sec. 10 burpees
sprint 40 sec. 20 burpees
sprint 30 sec. 30 burpees
sprint 20 sec. 40 burpees.
my time: 12 min.


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Hey girl

Looking forward to seeing you at the CIM expo, and making some purchases while there.
Getting ready for HOPEFULLY my fastest CIM yet, I have been doing speed work and HOPING I will prove to be faster.
Tomorrow I am following the One world WOD, The Twenty one and looks to be fun
see ya soon

leslie said...

I'll be stopping by the booth at CIM. Can't wait to see you the day before MY FIRST MARATHON!!!

Julie in AZ said...


2 questions I keep meaning to ask.
Which Nathan hydration vest did you get? I'm training for a 24-hour relay race and want one, but I haven't found much female feedback online on the vests. Also, as far as running skirts, do you have a preference? I've never used one, and there are several that seem good. I'm on a budget, so looking for some good reviews before I purchase. Always enjoy reading your blog and feeling motivated by it. Crossfit just came here to my town, and I'm looking into it because of how much fun you've made it look!