Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes it's just best not to ask!!!!!!
Catra and Julia being Wacky!!!
Just another exciting day on the trail...It started off great we were having a blast it was warm and humid. We made the climb up Mission peak in a good time and say all the hikers on the top I think I counted 40 total on top and one hiking up as i was flying down.
Our plan was to run to Del Valle from Fremont finish in around 9 hours. As we were headed down to the sign in Panel who do I spot but Joe Pham he was hiking up from that area. Come to find out he was camped out with the Boyscouts at Eagle springs camp area. They were up there doing a trail project. We talked for a bit and headed out again.
We were having fun. we crossed the Calaveras rd and were heading down to Sunol.
All was great as we were talking about girlie stuff. I look back only to see Julia lose
Waiting for julia on Horse heaven trail

He footing on the steepest part of the trail she starting going down but was falling but flying forward trying not to fall straight down a steep hill. The only thing I saw was that there was a barbwire fence and nothing else to stop her. I screamed "JULIA WATCH OUT FOR THE BARBWIRE FENCE"! She heard and saw it but she couldn't do anything to stop, she ran right into it forward and bounced back and flipped around and landed on it again backwards. I ran down the hill grabbed her to help her out and get her off the fence.
I was looking to see where she was hurt. She was bleeding from her ear, neck, stomach, both legs and thumb. She was trashed. We headed down to Sunol she wanted to keep going.
Mt Diablo in the background

I got to the rangers office to see if anyone was around. We cleaned her wounds and just then John pulled up we got some supplies and he had to filll paper work out saying she didn't need services and what happened.
She wanted to keep going we headed out and she realized she felt crappy.
So we had a change of plans we would be happy with our 20+ mile run.

Anyone who knows me knows what this is!!! " My favorite tree"

I was suppose to have hair colored by Julia on Wed. but now we had time today. So she was going to color my hair and I was going to color her hair.
We laughed it off on the way back thinking it's always an adventure out on our runs.
We were heading off the peak and saw Myling , Joe's wife she ran down with us. We later saw our friend Fast Jerry too.
On the way back out of Sunol. Me carrying Julia that's what friends are for. I realize I could carry her out if need be. Crossfit makes me strong like that!!

We still had fun knowing it could of been worse. Happy that Julia didn't break anything. Best friends forever (BFF)

I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.
-john muir-


Anonymous said...

Lucky for Julia you are as strong as Atlas! What a good friend, indeed.

I finished my 3 basic classes with Chong and will attend my first real CF workout today!! Thanks for the inspiration!


Karen said...

First time reader of your blog. I'm totally impressed. really. Wow.

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Catra,
I'm an academic physician (formerly at Harvard and Stanford) who found your blog while looking for the best health writers. I think your writing is great! I would like to feature you in the Running Community on Wellsphere, a top 10 health website that has well over 2 million visitors monthly.

If you would like to learn more, just drop me an email to

Karen said...

Also--what type of Garmin, heart rate, etc do you use (if any?) Just curious..

Catra said...

Hey Sara-
Woo Hoo!!! So happy you will now be a crossfitter :)
I only go in the mornings at 9am but Friday I will be there maybe 5pm class. My boyfriend Carl from crossfit Newport beach is coming up so we will be coming later on Friday. What hours you gonna train.
Can't wait to meet you in person.
Thanks for all the post.

Catra said...

Hi Karen-
Thanks. and thanks for the post. A double under is when the rope passes under you twice.
Please go to to learn more about what I do and if you want to learn any of the exercises I do they are all listed and explained there.

Catra said...

It's the older Garmin 301 or something like that. I wanna get a new one.
I don't user a HR mon.

Jon said...

Trail banditas! *LOL*

BTW, one of my buddies Eric Barnes ( was in your neck of the woods a few days ago, on your trails. He was mildly disappointed that there was no sign of the sly, ultra-endurance animal better known to the world as Catra Corbett. My guess is that you were CrossFit'n your ass off. :-)