Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun times at Quad. dipsea.............So I didn't have any high hops this year other than to run and finish in under 7 hours. I ran 15 miles Thursday and 20 miles Friday. I usually run 20 miles the day before Quad. but this year I was worried about my IT band. It has been bothering me off and on. I figured I'd go out slow and just keep moving. The weather was awesome. I was hoping my friend and fellow crossfitter Robert Tuller would catch me. Which he did. I thought perfect we can talk crossfit and running my two favorite topics. We had a blast together running. He cracks me up he says some pretty funny stuff.
We got to the turn around in 3:08 which was fine for me.
We headed back out up the steps which is always fun. We got to the turn around with 1 hour 10 min. to finish the last 7 miles. We took off and at some point Robert stopped to pee. I continued on and went in to crossfit WOD mode. I viewed those last 6 miles as a hard WOD and took off to give it all I had. I started pushing hard I wanted to finish under 7 hours and new I had to push hard to do so since I went out really slow. I felt great for having had very little sleep and dancing for 3 hours the night before and running 20 miles. Nothing hurt and my energy level was great the whole time.
I pushed hard al the way to the end. I was smiling and loving life taking in all the beauty around me. I got in I think the clock said 6:42 which was the same time as last year. Some how it felt so much easier this year. I will have to wait for the results to see the seconds to see if I was faster.
Congrats. to all my friends who finished and thanks to Carl for supporting me even though he was in Texas. Just knowing he's thinking of me helps.
Robert Tuller practicing a Catra curl, Crossfit style
The F/X reunion was awesome so happy to see all my old friends I danced my ass off with my favorite friend from back in the day David. I love this boy. We have so many crazy stories and we survived all kinds of tough times and made it out ok. We will continue to hang out and go out dancing once a month. I just love being up on the stage with him
Most everyone looked great, there were a lot of people I don't remember because I was so wasted all the time.
Everyone was pretty well shocked to see me now. I have really changed a lot from the dark goth girl from the past. I am the new and improved colorful bright and happy girl.

My good friend David. we have gone through so much in life and are still alive.

Get ready, I repeat, get ready, as the wheel is about to turn and an old cycle end and a new cycle begin. A new way of doing things is about to commence. The struggle will now be over as life rapidly turns into something much better. Sometimes there has to be havoc and chaos while a new order is established. Don’t get stuck on how it ought to be, let things go the way they will - this will bring you much good fortune. Don’t forget to say thank you for this chance to begin again.
© Stephen Haynes

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Anonymous said...

Cat - saw you during the Quad and you looked great as always. Nothing motivates me more than your 6? 100 milers in 6? weeks in 2007. PS I copied your Spartan rules and taped them to my bedroom door. You rock.