Wednesday, October 08, 2008

They say with every end there comes a new beginning.Me after Rocking "Barbra"(scaled)
5 rounds rest 3 min. between rounds. total: 21:52
It really felt so good to be back to my crossfit box after stepping away for a few months. I feel like part of me was lost but I found it by working out with my group again.
I am determined more then ever to push myself harder and become stronger. I really want to get my whole Pose running form down.
With all the negative issues this week one positive thing has come out. I was invited by Carl Borg to come train out in Newport Beach this weekend. He is going to kick my ass which is fine by me I need a good ass kicking right now.
He is one of the coaches for the crossfit running and endurance certs. I went to it in March and learned tons. I need to go back and re train to make sure I'm getting it. I have a link to the running and endurance site on my links page. You should check it out.
Looking forward to training in a new place. Looking forward to pushing myself harder then ever.
Bring it on!

To heal illness, begin by restoring balance.
Today, find ways to create balance in your life. Cast all negativity in a positive light, and let go of any fears that block the flow
of vital energy within your body, mind, and spirit.


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
Sorry, you're going through a rough spot. You bring me a little joy every time I check out your blog. In fact you've inspired me to start my own (
Time heals all wounds and pain is the touchstone to spiritual growth. Sending you some good vibrations.

Jess Mullen said...

Awhile back Jim Boyd mentioned your name as I was going down to run SD100. Anyway, through that I saw your blog and saw you are into crossfit. I really want to try it up here (Seattle) and there are a few different places - was wondering if you had any advice, suggestions, anything that might be helpful to one getting started... my email is If you don't email, I won't be offended either! All the best to you in your endeavors :) Jess Mullen

mrjwhit~ said...

Great goal. That work out looks like a beast. Keep us posted.

Julianne said...

Working out in Newport Beach with Carl Borg sounds awesome! Enjoy the change of scenery!!

Catra said...

Thanks everyone you are all awesome and I love you. I am moving forward and will kick butt all the way to the end of my life ;)

GGC said...

There is the Catra that I have been waiting for

Anonymous said...

Hello Catra,

I am sorry that you are going through a tough time, but know that anyone that can run hundo's can handle this. I crewed a friend of mine at the AC100. I saw you there. This was my first experience around a 100 mile race and I loved it! I am looking at running the AC100 next year. I would like to email you and get some ideas on training for it. My email address is I know you have a number of people that want to talk with you. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

It's probably just as well that you're going to be without a boyfriend for a while. Enjoy.

Victoria said...

Just wanted to say I was thinking about you-- and that if I had $500 extra, you'd be welcome to it. Hang in there and enjoy running for me...


Your abs are looking insane!!!! Wow!!! Great job!!

Sorry about your "little accident". Hope everything is alright....