Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hope is nature's way of enabling us to survive so that we can discover nature itself.
For this day, acknowledge the restoring power of hope. Direct that power to bless all the needs healing in your life, including your negative attitudes and disappointments.
Me in the middle of "The Bear" wod
Don't I look beautiful when I workout? LOL
Trying to get my kipping pullup back. I did a couple singles today. With each new day I will become strong again.
"The Bear"

One cycle of "The Bear" is a power clean to a front squat to overhead to a back squat to overhead. Complete seven cycles to finish one round. Once the weight is picked up off the floor, it can only tap the floor between cycles. (Touch and go.) Rest with the bar on your shoulders, overhead, or tucked into your hip.

Complete five rounds for max weight in the last round.

Here's my effort


Angelica said...

Thanks for that beautiful quote. You’re so right in all that you share.

And yes, you do look stunning working out!

Anonymous said...

Been great seeing you again bud. Hope each day for you is better than the next.

Catra said...

Hmmm thanks so much.
Have a great day

Catra said...

Hey Will-
Thanks Buddy it's good to be back awesome job today. U rock. See you tomorrow.