Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alameda creek trail, training for the SF 1 Day.I was super busy today. First I woke up with what I think was kidney pain. I went pee and it was dark so I quickly drank a ton of water. Was going to run 20 miles but after talking to Carl decided to just go 10 miles which I ended up running 15 miles.
I got my hair colored and headed out to run the Alameda creek trail. I decided to drive through Niles canyon which I love and wasn't paying attention to speed. I saw a CHP car and drove by, he pulled out with lights flashing. I thought crap, I can't afford a ticket. I pull over he walk up asked for my DL, and said do you know why I stopped you? I said I was driving a little to fast he said 65 in a 45. I really didn't know I was going that fast. I thought dang that ticket is going to cost a lot.
He then asked, so I noticed your frame, have you run Western states 100? I said yes several times. He then said his uncle and nephew have run it. He said he admired anyone who can run 100 miles. We then started talking about crossfit and how much I love it. He said he just didn't have time to workout and I said you have to make time. He handed back my DL and said to drive slower. Told him thanks.
It's nice knowing being an Ultrarunner got me out of a ticket.

Working on my speed for the SF 1 Day

I did drive the speed limit the rest of the day.
I decided to run the Alameda creek trail to test out some road shoes I have. Never ran more then a few miles in them, but wanted to make sure they would do the trick for SF 24 next week. I felt great the shoes felt great and the day was filled with much beauty. Lots of birds and just me, loving life. I was happy that I got to run in Yosemite just the day and night before and now was running on flats ,which I always say I hate but have been learning to love them.
You must do things you don't like to get good.
Practicing my balance on the train tracks.

My plan was to only run 10 but got to mile 5 the turn around I just kept going. I turned around at 7 miles and headed back. I got back to the car and decided to keep going 1/2 mile more then turned around. I ended up running 15 miles. Felt great in the road shoes. Looking forward to running loops this weekend at Chrissy field for the 24 hour run.

Working on my hand stand push-ups.

Of course I still wasn't done so when I got home I called Carl and asked what should I do for my WOD? He answered rest. I said that wasn't an option so I asked should I do 300 sit-ups for time. He said that would be fine. He wants me going into the 24 hour run rested. So my plan this week is go to crossfit Mon, Tues. Then no more Wods the rest of the week. Mon-Thursday short runs just to stretch my legs.

For time 300 sit ups

Now is a time of commitment. Decide upon your direction or goal and begin the journey towards it. Take time to recognise the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and eliminate them from your future. Change must take place in the inner you before change can take place in the real world. Let balance be your watchword and if you need help then it will appear.
© Stephen Haynes


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Best of luck at SF24 next year I am doing it for my first 24 hour run.

I think I will do that WOD 300 abs tomorrow. I have done it before and it took me a tad over 7 minutes.I do not have a ab mat though.

anyway rock on sista

Jo Lynn said...

What brand road running shoes?

Jessi said...

Since moving to SF Crissy Field has become one of my favorite places! It's so beautiful - the scenery will help break up the monotony of the flat terrain! I'll be there for part of the day, so maybe you'll hear me cheering for you!

Victoria said...

You're funny-- "Rest is not an option!"

Loved the cop story too-- I should be there this weekend (volunteering, not running)...