Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun times in Yosemite. So our plan was to run from Mathers camp just outside of Hetch Hetchy into Yosemite but I always leave room for a change of plans. The weather was looking a little iffy. Also Jerry didn't bring a rain Jacket and well I didn't want it to get to risky. I was heading back from the restroom in Curry when I ran into Fred Ecks he was just coming back from a run up Clouds rest. He was there just hanging out having fun.
I also saw two other friends who live in the Valley Dave and Mike. I swear I see Dave every time I go. He was one of the first climbers I met when hanging out in the Valley in 2002.
So we decided that we would circle the high trails above the valley and go from there. I wanted to start from Foresta area and hit El Cap loop around North Dome Basket Dome and head down Snow creek trail and climb up the Panorama to Glacier point and maybe the Pohona and down back to the valley.

Heading over there El Cap.
It was a beautiful Sunset we took off and I would say 3 miles into it Jerry twisted his ankle. Just a side note he never complained really about it. It was very swollen by the time we got home.
So he rolled it and just kinda walked it off. We all just enjoyed being with each other out there. I made an announcement that it was my Dads b-day so we were running for him. He died way to young 48 years old. I only spent 17 years of my life with him. If he were alive he would be 75.
A lot of the run I did feel him with me.

Me on the trail
I was kinda bummed on our run that it was mostly in the dark. Another reason we didn't want to do the run through the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne we wouldn't of seen anything.
We all carried packs weighing at least 10 pounds. Carl I bet you're proud of us for doing a trailrunning WOD.
On El Cap
I was excited to take my friends on top of El Cap so they too could say they climbed El Cap, but not like the big wall climbers. That big stone posses some magical energy that's for sure. I fell in a climbing accident back in 2003 and thought I was going to die but the rope caught my fall and I only broke my ulna.
On the top we met some hikers from Ohio who offered us water which me and Linda said yes to. We were running low.
As we were running Linda decided she was going to stop when we got down she wanted to run the Nike womans marathon Sunday.
The last down hill was painful for Jerry's ankle and my ball of my foot was hurting I had removed some dead skin the day before but pealed away new skin to.

Happy campers at the finish waiting for the bus at Happy isles..LOL!! JK
We had a blast on our little adventure through the night in Yosemite. We ended up being out for only 13 hours in stead of 20 ;) yeah we're wimps. No seriously I was bummed my friends could not see the beauty because of the darkness. I know those trails and Snow creek has amazing veiw's. Next time I we won't do it at night.

Todays WOD
Tabata 3 exercise
20 seconds on 10 seconds off 7 rounds. Rest 3 min. between each different exercise

All roads lead to Rome! Or in other words all paths lead to the same place. But before those paths lead us to anywhere we have to stop thinking about it and get on with it. This is a time of action and movement. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, we’re not perfect. If you realise you’ve made a mistake then make another choice and get back to the right path. Revamp objectives and approach life from another perspective.
© Stephen Haynes


BenB said...

I am way jealous! Looks like you guys are living up the weekend, while I have to deal with idiot soldiers in the Nat'l Guard all weekend. Well, rest up. I'd better see you hit 100 at Crissy Field!

Jon said...

Hey girly-girl,

By coincidence, I was at Borders today and skimmed through Running Through the Wall and saw your entry. Now reading this particular post, things just seemed to tie together like it was kismet. I think your parents would be extremely proud of you, what you've accomplished for yourself so far, and the inspiration you give others. :-)

Run on Catra!

GGC said...

You never cease to amaze me, I wish I could hire you to help me get my life on track. I need to change my life so bad and your way of life is so inspirational

Jo Lynn said...

Wow, the pic of El Cap in the far distance is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time Friday night! My friends and I hiked up Clouds Rest on Saturday (again, but at a slow pace). Weather was much colder, with even a snow flurry!

Anyway, seeya this weekend at the One Day!

- Fred