Friday, October 10, 2008

I love this picture. It's beautiful. I took it last Saturday during my run.

Persevere and direct your energy towards your goals. If you do this and truly believe in what you’re trying to achieve you will be given the power to succeed. Sometimes obstacles should be seen as a test - pass the test and overcome the obstacles and success will be in your grasp. If you are feeling challenged right now examine whether it is due to misunderstandings or perhaps a mistrust. Opportunities will arise to resolve your situations.
© Stephen Haynes

Time to play off to Disneyland.


Judi said...

Catra, I so feel for you, going through this break up. You are strong though, and you will get through it. I wish I could give you a big hug. Judi

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo. It's a work of art, just like you, Catra!

I am inspired by your running and love your positive outlook on life, even when things are not that great.

Timothy Chen Allen said...

Hi Catra!

This is really just a message for you: Why don't you put a Followers Gadget to your blog? You'd probably have a bunch of people who would follow.

Hope all is well for you. One day at a time.

Jo Lynn said...

Words I live by:
"Life is too short not to be IN LOVE."

AdventureSeeker said...

Hi Catra,
What an amazing place to go running. You are an inspiration to those of us who love to run and aspire to go longer distances. Your love of life shines through your writing.

With growth comes destruction. It's part of the cycle of life. May the healing come quickly.


GGC said...

Keep your head up!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a force of nature
miss c
going through this adventure journey
of yours ours
all the things done 100 milers skyline views night outings birthday runs meandering PC challenges crossfit mental creations
on the go you go
becoming what you are
relax a moment sigh it's all good
keep on
your love will find love


CoyoteGirl said...

Hi Catra!

I hope you're healing and having fun in Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you were married before- were you "in love" with him? Sorry if this is too personal.

Anonymous said...

checking and testing

Jennifer Russell said...

catra, i have not talked with you for more than a year, actually i should say i have not RUN into you on the Wasatch 100 trail in more than a year...but thanks for blogging your outrageous life. i too just started blogging. its also great to be reminded of the ultra running life, the trails, the friends, the open spaces. Salt Lake City has been a bit off for me for the past year, and i have taken a step to the side by not racing for the first time in like 22 years, and just did YOGA...WHAT?
... but my dream job and dream ski town opened up to me and i just wanted to get in touch with you and let you know i will be moving up to Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho, so if you find yourself in that area and want to run the Sawtooths, look me up!
thanks for putting my mind back in the ULTRA RUN scene. i needed that, love and light! Jenn Kuhlmann

Summer Wesson said...


I am going through this right now with Brian too. We broke up in July after I paced him in Vermont, but were still in our lease through November. I finally moved out on Saturday. You are a gorgeous, strong, fierce woman and any man would be lucky to have an opportunity with you in that way. See ya out there!