Sunday, October 26, 2008


Happiness comes from within. If you choose to be happy, no one and no thing can ever take that happiness from you.
Carl and I hanging the before SF 1 day.
Me in front of our Crossfit aid station.
Carl and I before the start
Melissa and I before the start. Congrats to Mel for running 50.3 miles.
Me leading the way into the aid station early on.

Ok so SF 1 day didn't come easy. It was hot and I had some huge issues. My hamstring and gluts. acted up from around the 50 mile mark to the end. I stopped a lot. If it wasn't for his skill in knowing about trigger point therapy I would of had to walk. He would work on me for 5 min. and I was able to run strong after each massage session.
My goal was to run 103 miles or more. I ran 100.3 in 23:51.

I enjoyed being out there with all my friends. And all the crossfitters who came out to support their friends. Molly from Crossfit SF was running her first ultra and had the guys from SF crossfit supporting her. She did awesome never having run farther then a 10k she ran 79 miles. I hope to see her at a trail ultra in the future.
Melissa and Bob from Newport beach crossfit both ran too. Mel had her wonderful boyfriend Mark helping her and Bob had his wife Jenn and her sister helping him.

I was happy to see crazy Chris Hosmer who I met on the PCT last year. We all made use of his large table and shared it for our own aid station. I call him crazy because he drove all the way from Santa Cruz to Crater lake Oregon Just to hike with me a week. I inspired him to do the 12 hour as his first Ultra last year and this year he was going big , he was doing the 24 hour. Which he finished 100.3 congrats.
Melissa ran 50.3 awesome job girl and Bob ran 101.3 great job.
We all had to fight demons out there some big some small.

I did the best I could even as the demons who were getting the best of me late into the night. I cried I laughed I yelled and screamed yet he still kept me focused. Not sure how. I had so many issues couldn't eat for many hours was on my period had cramps.
The inspiration came from the many emails I got during the race. all of you made me come alive when I would read an email.
Thanks all of you for keeping me going and believing in me.

Early in the morning as the miles added up I came to realize It was not coming easy and I could not make 100 miles. I was anger at myself. I didn't want to let my friends down and most all didn't want to let myself down. I knew with 9 laps to go I had no room for error I must run as if my life depended on it which I did.
With two laps to go I realized me and Jenny Ray were in the same boat we didn't think we would make it. We figure lets get into the aid and see how much time we have.. We decided we would push each other come hell or high water we would finish together and we would run 100 miles.
We worked as a team that last mile knowing we would complete our goal we dug deep and it paid off.

I was very humbled this weekend. It didn't come easy and it was very close but I proved that I do have the desire and I am strong. And when the body and mind work as one, you can accomplish any goal you set out to do.

Thanks Sarah and Wendell for another awesome event. They are number 1.


Chris Hosmer said...

Hey Catra,
Good job in the race! Way to suck it up at the end. I cant believe u do this on mountain trails, that is a whole diff. ballgame I am sure. Tell Carl and all his friends thanx for helping me, and thanx to u for being there, that was an experience. My feet r f..ked up! Crazy Chris

Jessi said...

Great pics! I love the last one of you beating all the boys! :-)

You and Carl look good together - tough and badass, but sweet at the same time!

Catra said...

Hey Jessi-
Thanks so much. He is awesome and I love him. Going to visit him tomorrow.