Thursday, October 02, 2008

And so today the training begins ,for the SF 1 day run.Yes, I'm signed up for the 24 hour run and we all know how much I dislike running flat roads. So training began today with a 6 mile out back and a loop to make up my 6 miles.
I have to keep positive and think the crossfit way ,you must pick something you don't like and are not good at ,and work on it until you get good. So I pick flat trails. The Alameda creek is a flat gravel road with some pavement. I have a few weeks to get good.
Of course each mile I picked a crossfit exercise to do and did 25 reps. Here I am doing bench jumps instead of jumping on a box.
Even though it's flat it's beautiful and I can still see Mission Peak from the trail so it's all good!
Practicing dips and I'm no good. Weak upper body. I really need to improve on my upper body.
Finally always stretch after. Better do do it after when the muscles are warmed up.
Don’t overload yourself with any more thinking. This is more a time of resting before action takes place. Intellectual reasoning only leads to frustration or leads you away from the direction you should be taking. As this is a re-orientation period take time to evaluate your goals, they may not be the same goals that you started with. Trust your feelings more, future success is at hand.
© Stephen Haynes


209Mike said...

Looking forward to seeing you out there in SF. I'll be shutting it down at 12 hours and then rooting for you 24-hr fanatics.

[hmmm] said...

Picked up your blog off Team Elite Fitness Crossfit's site. Love reading all your accomplishments and insights as well as positive thoughts. Sounds to me like this SF 1 day run will be yet another achievement on your belt.
You're one amazing woman! And very very inspiring!

*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Awesome job on facing the roads.
I love trail but also like a good road run.
I am back to CF, but easing back into it after having to take a month off due to a pinched nerve in my shoulder doing a WOD(death by burpees WOD)and it feels great.

Are you going to be at the CIM expo again this year? We are doing it again, and hoping for a PR.I have been doing a ton a speed work, I hate speed work by the way BUT I think CF has made it more bearable:)

Anyway you rock.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Catra,
This kind of running, I'm pretty sure I can keep up with you. Let me know if you ever want me to join you.
Much love and many hugs!

Eudemus said...

Hey Catra, I'll be there too doing the 12-hour as my last long run before Javalina. I may even hate flat roads more than you, but I have had more practice as I don't really have a choice during the week.

I totally agree with the whole "get outside your comfort zone" thing. I have actually been doing speed work to try and meet my Javalina goals and boy does it SUCK some days, but I always love it after the fact :-)

Steve Stenzel said...

You're so crazy: "we all know how much I dislike running flat roads"



Hey good luck!! I love the idea of doing a crossfit exercise every mile!! :) I hate running flat roads myself. Unfortunately I'm in New Jersey right now, which is not known for it's mountains...... :) Hope You have a wonderful weekend!!



the onion said...

see you at the 24. I ran 25 miles around the school track a couple weeks ago to start training. I'm assuming it'll be a little more fun with other people there.

leslie said...

Catra -- Hope it's ok with you that I'm using one of your pictures as an example of what I wish I looked like. I will include a link to your blog in the post. Please let me know if you don't want me to do this, and I'll delete immediately. You really ARE amazing!