Thursday, September 28, 2006

Night Run.......No I am not afraid! I could be, I could have fear but I don't. I could be afraid, I could fall and hurt myself at night! I could be afraid in my new relationship, I could get hurt. If I have fear from the night and the fear of falling in love, I would miss out on the beauty of the night, and the beauty of someone loving me.
Being afraid in life will only limit what I can do, and what I cannot do... I only have fear if I don't trust myself. If I trust myself, and be careful, when running at night I will be fine.
If I trust myself, and trust in the person who loves me, my heart will open more to life.
I see the beauty in the night, because I have no fear. I see the beauty in the one who loves me, because I have no fear.

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Ultra Okie said...

one word: awesome!!

Catra said...

Hey Okie-

Thanks!!! I set out and thought I should run on the road. But some how ended up in my van driving to Mission peak. I ran two times yesterday. To busy today to run. I'm getting tattooed today so I can't run tomorrow.

Ultra Okie said...

I would love to run Mission Peak someday with you. Are you getting some more work done on your day of the dead tattoos? Not sure where Fremont, CA is, but have you heard of the San Francisco based band Four Year Bender? I have been listening to that a lot lately.


RunningYam said...


One more tatoo? How many do you have so far? I wonder which is more - 100 Milers or tatoos? Or do you get a tatoo after finishing a 100 Miler?

Thanks for sharing another nice photo. Indeed, it's beautiful and romantic to spend a night at MP. No only in foggy days, but MP is special at night as well. On one side, you see splendid city lights from Fremont - so near but unreal. On the other side, you can feel the total darkness of remote Ohlone Wilderness. Here solitude becomes the utmost joy. Truly amazing!


squirrel_nutz said...

Hello Catra-

Do you stay on the fire road at night, or do you still head across Meadow Trail/up Horse Heaven?

Great pic!

See ya around.

dan said...

i'm not sure how i originally came across your blog but i'm glad i did.

i often think of my depression is like addiction. i won't ever be cured, always recovering, taking the steps towards recovery can be so daunting and overwhelming that it keeps you from them and as i feel better i realize how crappy it was back then and i never want to go there again.

i appreciate what you have to say and wanted to let you know that it has helped me with my perspective on many things at many times.


Ariel said...

Hey Catra!
You inspire me so to enjoy each day, run as often as possible and eat well! I saw in VegNEws that you eat raw and I have been trying to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. However, I am totally daunted by buying and using some of the equipment that some raw food is made of such as dehydrators, super duper blender issues, etc. How do you manage to eat a raw food diet that is well rounded adn varied without spending too much time in food prep? Any advice is much appreciated!
Thanks so much.

Catra said...

Hey Ultra Okie Fremont is in between San Jose and Oakland. It's an awsome place to live and run. We have a tough race that's held in May called the Ohlone 50k that starts in Fremont and ends in Del Valle. There is 9,000ft of climb. I run a solo hundred starting the day before and finishing the race the following day with the 50k event.

I would love to give you a tour someday.

Catra said...

Hey Chihping-
LOL....How many tattoos??? Not sure but around 90...I'm a work of art in progress. You did see my boyfriend at Rio del Lago, right?? He has me beat in the tattoo department. I'm getting more. Next I'm getting my right arm sleeved and than I'll take a break..But only for a little while.

I have a harder time getting tattooed then running 100 miles. I have to set still for a few hours. I'd rather be running.

A lot of my tattoos. I have gotten after an amazing accomplishment or after a stressfull event in my life that I made it through. Most tell a story of a period in my life.

Yes, Mission Peak at night can be a romantic experiance but only if you're with someone. I was alone so it was just a beautiful experiance.


Catra said...

Hey SQ-

It depends...I stayed on the Fire road the other night. Didn't even use my light on the way up. Running down it's differant. I need to be able to judge what's in fron to f me. So I turned on my light.

Catra said...

Hi Dan-
Thanks for the post.
I too have suffered for many years with depression. Most people don't know that part of me. I hide it well. I put on the happy face when really on the inside I was crying. Depression can tear you up. There were days when I couldn't get up to run but still forced myself. Crying the whole time alone on my run.
Running helped me through it even if I didn't want to run I still did. I think eating right helps depression to.

Just hang in there, there is light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Catra said...

Thanks for the post.

I try to eat mostly raw. it's hard. I did go 5 months 100% raw. I would say I'm 90% raw mostly. I don't have a dehydrater. Want to get one. I have a blender but not the fancy type.
I work at Whole Foods and we carry a few differant raw foods in our store. The pizzas, bugers, cakes, Sea weed salad and crackers and a few other items.
So easy for me. Plus living in the Bay Area we have about 5 Raw Food resturants in the area.

To me the easiestnthing to make is Salad with all Raw veges and raw hummus and salsa very easy to make you just need to sprout the garbonzos beans to make the hummus.
Well I'm off to sprout some garbonzo beans..LOL..


P.S don't forget to put raw almonds on your salad for good fat and protien. The almond is the highest source of protien out of all nuts. That's why it's called the King of all nuts.

runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,
My best friend Kathy died one week ago, and i am a wreck right now. Cried a lot, but every time i check your blog, it helps me a lot to move on.


Catra said...


I'm so sorry to hear that. Death is hard to understand. Take her with you run remember her and keep her spirit alive.

I'm glad I can make you feel better. I have had so much loss in my life both my parents my sister and my dog.

I take them with me everytime I run. They may not be here in human body but they are with me in my heart & mind.