Thursday, September 21, 2006

Having fun hamming it up on my last long run!!
Next up Rio Del Lago 100 Saturday. Send me those positive vibes friends!!!

I'm looking at myself in a mirror in my room I've been up for 3 days. My boyfriend is fast asleep, who knows how many days he's been up.
I'm crying because I have just come to the reality I will always be a drug addict. I tell myself I can't live without speed. I accept that this will be the way I live for the rest of my life.
I'm am to weak to quit it will always have a hold on me.
I cry myself to sleep I know that this is my life!
2006 September...I am no longer that weak person I am no longer a drug addict. I am stonger then ever. I turned my life around 13 year ago.

I will celebrate this weekend running 100 miles knowing being a drug addict shaped who I am today.
Anyone can turn their life around. I did it, so I know anyone can.
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Anonymous said...

but you... you had the force to leave you drug, much of nobody can or don't want to leave drug because of their life!!!
I saw my dad dying because of drug without being able to help it and today I'm sad more to see it all that I do today it's for him!!!
what you ace do is the greatest victory that you could have had ....

Olga said...

When my son comes back from boarding school, we will come visit you, OK?
I'll see you today...

Catra said...

I would love to meet him....See you this afternoon sista.
Love Ya,

Catra said...

I would love to meet him....See you this afternoon sista.
Love Ya,

aka Moogy said...

You are truly a personal and running inspiration. I know how substances can do this to you and your loved ones and how difficult that road back is to things simple like trust and love.

Whole bunch of positive vibes and thoughts. And I thought that trying the '05 Slam was hard. You get'em and be safe and have fun!!

Catra said...

Hi Ju-
Thanks..Your post really made me feel good!

Catra said...

Thanks!! Everything happens for a reason. I'm happy I went through all that and made it out, becoming a strong girl!

Next year you will have to try the Catra Slam ;)
Thanks for the post!

Brad said...

A big hug to you and lots of positive vibes are being sent your way on your next 100.

I just posted my pictures from my Eastern Sierras trip on my blog. I LOVE IT THERE!! I am more than willing to be a pacer for you on your next JMT/Tahoe trail run! We are so lucky to live so close to so much beauty!

Catra said...

Thanks Brad...I will have to have you come out and do a fastpack with me.
I'm off to Granite bay...
Keep the vibes coming.