Friday, November 14, 2008

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir
Mission Peak. It was super windy today I thought I was going to get blown off so I decided not to go to the top and I ran the lower section around and back down.
It was beautiful out ,different then yesterday warm and sunny. I just love running up Mission Peak it's my little slice of Heaven.
Next week Carl is coming to visit I will take him up the peak with me. We will be very busy doing lots of Crossfit and showing him my favorite places.
My new friend, looks like my little pony has a couple new friends and here is one of them I named him star because he is so shinny like a star.
My WOD Today "Annie sandwich"
15 handstand push-ups
50 double unders 50 sit-ups
40 du 40 sit-ups
30 du 30 sit-ups
20 du 20 sit ups
10 du 10 sit-ups
15 handstand push-ups
my time 16:57

Take all opportunities to break old habits and old patterns as this is a time of rebirth and re-invention. Sometimes patterns are hard to change so perhaps the easier way to is to discard them altogether. Certainly there will be mini-endings and beginnings around this time, so don’t hold onto the past, allow new situations to be drawn to you and to flourish. Evolution, like the passage of time, is not within our control. So go with the flow and allow yourself to be guided.
© Stephen Haynes


Steve Stenzel said...

I saw you "Twenty-One" workout a few posts down, and I LOVE the thought of that! I really want to try that after I run intervals tomorrow - I might just drop down on the track and do them right after I'm done. "Twenty-One" sounds like hell/fun!!

_oe said...


if you don't mind sharing i was wondering what kind of milage you put in running these days now that you're crossfit entrenched. I'm very curious and on the cusp of a full-blown conversion myself but just can't seem to give up my weekly (or, ok, maybe bi-weekly) long run.


Steve Stenzel said...

Crap, I meant "I saw YOUR twenty-one..." not "YOU 21 workout..."

I hate it when I do that.

Anonymous said...

ever thought of taking a day off?

Victoria said...

I love that quote by John Muir. I just got back from watching the sunset from my "backyard"-- Wildcat Canyon, which I fully consider my personal playground, and that quote is exactly how I feel right now.

daria said...

Catra!!! YOUR AMAZING!!!!!! love the blog!

Catra said...

Hey Steve go for it it is fun ;)
Let me know how you do.

Catra said...

Hey J-
I have been doing crossfit off and on for two years. I always run between 75-100 miles a week. Keeping it about 80 mostly.
I actually will scale back after Hurt 100 and following only the CFE site and do exactly what Carl tells me to do. I will do all high intensity, that includes my WODS each day and whatever runs I do.
My longest runs will be no longer then 13 miles. I will follow only what Carl programs for me. I believe in what they are teaching Carl and BMack all over the country with the crossfit endurance. The hard part for me is the love of going long and getting lost in the wilderness.
I will still do all my running on trails sprints and all.
I need to see if what works for them and others works for me. I trust Carl since he is my boyfriend.

Karen said...

What is a "double under"?