Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last Pictures from the weekend..................
Max Charging up the trail heading to Yosemite point overlook.
Max, Catra & Jerry hanging out at Yosemite point.
Lost Arrow Spire. Slackline set across. Can you believe they walk across that. Crazy shit!
Me in speia mode.............................
I belong here this is where I feel at peace. Yosemite & it's beauty. One day I hope to live in the wilderness. But for now I will just count the days, until I get to live on the PCT again. Waiting for April to come :)


Jonny Ringo said...

I want to come live with you Catra!

Catra said...

Ok! Pack your bags you,re in for a wild adventure ;)

Jason said...

Thanks for the well wishes Catra.

As for swim MTB trail run events, there are a few races out there.
check out: http://www.srichinmoyraces.org/au/events/events/triple_triathlon/

Also look up the Xterra events, you might be able to find something there too.

Matt said...


So glad to see that you're back at full force! You're such an inspiration.

Just wondered if you could comment on footwear. I'm signed up for my first 100 this spring at Umstead in NC. I know those trails aren't that technical, but I'm also planning on running the Uwharrie 40 miler in February which is much more treacherous. Can you make a recommendation for some solid trail footwear?

Anonymous said...

Catra... thanks for the photo tour of Yosemite... Lived here all my life... and never seen Half-Dome... nor fished for trout in it's shadow. Thanks... Stevo

christine said...

you always sound happiest in nature...like alot of others i live vicariously through your adventures...consider myself lucky for having found your little piece of the blogoshere. be well my friend.

Anonymous said...

Catra, all I can say is "it must be good to be you"! I really hope I run into you on the PCT next year!

Have you ever considered opening a backcountry guide business??? You obviously have the experience and your opinion is well-respected if the comments on your blog are any indication!


Catra said...

Hi Jay-
Are you doing the PCT next year?
Or do you live close to it.

Hey that's my goal one day to work as a guide. I still have a lot to learn. I hope to take a wilderness first respond course sometime early next year.
Thanks for the post and have an awesome day.

olga said...

Sounds and looks like an awesome time all around!!! Next year I should jump off the wagon and come with you:) But for sure - PCT meet-up, chica!

Catra said...

Olga I would love for you to come out and train in Yosemite with me. Just let me know next year. It will be awesome to hook up with you on my PCT adventure next year.

Catra said...

Hi Matt-
I love and wear the Hardrocks on most all trails. I suggest them for you at Umstead 100. I have run that race twice and loved it.
Also make sure you wear gaiters there. Even though it's not a mountain hundred there are lots of rocks that can get inside your shoes. If that happens you can develope blisters which could end your race.
I hope this helps.

Catra said...

Dude if you live in Cali. it's about time you make time to visit Yosemite and go up Half Dome.
I have guided many people up Half Dome , fit and unfit people and they all have made it up. Well one time my friend Mylinh didn't go all the way up but she went back next year to make it to the top.

Catra said...

Hi Christine-
Thanks for the post.
You gotta get out and live to. Your daughter is old enough to enjoy Yosemite you should take her there.