Tuesday, November 06, 2007

MAX HAS ALWAYS GOT MY BACK. SO DON'T MESS WITH ME.. All my friends know I love Max from where the wild things are. I had a smaller version of the doll but he decided to bail on me one day. I prayed that he found a good home.
On the PCT the bigger version of Max showed up in my resupply box at Muir trail ranch. Thanks to FJ... I love the bigger one. He loves to just hang on tight, as I run. He protects me from all the Wild things on my journeys. Well, that's what I tell myself.
Me & Max burning up the trail around Mission Peak, on another beautiful day.
Flying High and loving life!!!!!
Just a little break to enjoy the woods.
My beautiful little Mountain, Mission peak in the background.
Little Max saying Cheese..................................LOL......................

"Now is a time of commitment. Decide upon your direction or goal and begin the journey towards it. Take time to recognise the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and eliminate them from your future. Change must take place in the inner you before change can take place in the real world. Let balance be your watchword and if you need help then it will appear. © Stephen Haynes"


Travis said...

I love Max! That's my favorite book. I just read it to my new baby, it was her first book!

Snakebite said...

A general question on the pics on your blog - Is someone taking them of you or do you have a timer and the timing down really, really well? Inquiring minds want to know.

Catra said...

Hey Snakebite-
I get asked all the time. "who takes your pictures"?
I do! and yes I have the timing down really well. I've been doing it for 3 years so I've gotten quite good.
When I was on the PCT I took tons of action hiking shots, people thought someone else took them.
Have an awesome day.

Catra said...
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Catra said...

Hi Travis-
It's the best book ever.
I love Max so much I even have him tattooed on my left arm.
That's so sweet you read the book to your baby :)

Anonymous said...

How many photographs do you take of yourself each day?

More than most people take in their lifetimes, I'd say.

KatieGirlBlue said...

I love that your outfits - even for grueling runs - are always coordinated and well-matched!

Although, maybe those hard runs are the most important times to be looking good...

Cellarrat said...

Awsome you haul max around!

Thats some awesome mojo!

Emily said...

Catra, you would love the mural on the wall in my office at home. If you want to see photos, I put some here.

Catra said...

Hi Katie-
Yes, it's very important to look good even if you're feeling crappy.
It somehow helps me feel better.

Catra said...

Hey Emily-
Very cool office. I love it!

Catra said...

Hey Cellarrat-
Yes, I do. Hey checked out your blog very cool.