Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MY LEGS ARE SORE.....That's what I get for doing the FF WOD twice yesterday. I did manage to go for a 3 mile run with Rocky this morning. Today lot's of arnica & L-glutamine powder today.
I work until 3pm than I'm off to Yosemite. Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Sore legs............................
The past is over. The future will never come. Now is the only moment that will ever exist. Therefore, live each second to the fullest.
Thanksgiving marks the 5th anniversary of Oskar's death.
I give thanks I was blessed to have him for 7 years of his life.
Remembering Oskar...
My little peanut you brought me so much happiness. You were there when I first became a runner, you waited for me during my first Marathon you were there for my first Ultra. Every morning and afternoon when I did my long runs you waited patiently for me to come home so we could walk together. You never complained you just loved me and everyone who you met. You loved Momma Mia( my Mom) so much that after she passed away you became depressed.
You were such a wonderful pet. You left us and you went to be with Momma Mia I know you are enjoy your walks with her ,and one day I will see you, and all my friends and family who have passed away.
I give thanks this Thanksgiving, to all who have come into, and touched my life in a special way.


christine said...

Happy Thanksgiving Catra.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving... hope all is well. Your insight into why pet's enter our lives is great. They are our friends... ask very little, and give so much... Stevo

Nick said...

Catra, your tats are so cool.
Anyway, I don't want to think of the day I will lose my pup. He's on my Blog, he's everywhere.
At least you are one of the few people in this world who treasure their animals the way I do.
Have a great Thanksgiving.


tp! said...

Happy Thanksgiving Dirt Diva!
Are you a Maniac? We would love to have you join!
Maniac #3 tp!