Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lucky Me!!!! I'm heading out at 5:30am with FJ & Mikey Mike. Our friend Julia will me us tomorrow evening. Tomorrows run will be Curry Village to Mirror lake to the Snow creek trail to North Dome over to the top of El Cap where the climbers summit down to the Falls trail through Camp 4 and back to Curry.
GOD I miss the Valley...
El Cap with Half Dome in the distance. Day 2 will be a run from Curry to the top of Half Dome out to Clouds rest back down to Curry. Day 3 will be Curry to The 4.7 mile trail up to Glacier point out to Taft point back to Glacier point on to the Panarama trail to the JMT junction and back to Curry.
I'm just hoping that the weather will be good. There is a 30% chance of rain Saturday.

Yosemite is such a magical place for me, my heart flutters when I think of Yosemite. My Mother had never been to Yosemite. I took her on my 3rd trip there in 95 before I was even a runner. I thought the Valley floor was Yosemite. I never thought in a Million years I would go up to Half Dome, or climb El Cap ,or Fast pack the Sierras ,or run a hundred miles with a 7 pitch rock climb at mile 57. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become who I am today.
Yosemite is the place I went to mourn my Mothers passing. I went alone in search of who and what I would become with out her around. It was during this time I saw the beauty. She took a tour bus up to Glacier point and often told me how much she loved that spot. I had never gone up to Glacier point until after she died. Whenever I visit the valley I run up to Glacier point in memory of her. I always feel her energy strongest when in Yosemite.

Half dome from way up high from a friends plane.
EL Cap from the same plane ride.
The wisdom card is really talking to me....

"New beginnings or the possibilities of a new start are soon to be presented. Use your inner magician to pull together all the components of what soon will be in the offing, as you should now be able to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires. Remember you are only at the beginning, the first stages of development, so the more you are able to accept the more will be given to you. © Stephen Haynes"


Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra,

Sounds like you have a great run planned! I also like Max and have read that book, and read it to my daughter, many times. Noticably missing from your latest running photos: visor to shade your face.

You are looking good and I hope you have recovered well from your procedures. My running has fallen off, but hope to get back at it soon. I have been faithfully following your blog though. It does inspire me to get out and get back after it. I really wanted to get into Badwater last year and when I didn't, I kind of bummed out and quit training. Can you pull any strings and get me in :-)

Hope to see you again and run with you. How about a little UltraOkie company on the PCT next year???


SuperChunk said...

Your description of the valley and its impact on you (and your mother) is stirring. My only trip to Yosemite, 13 years ago, changed my life as well... so much power and beauty. Enjoy your commune with the valley!

ikes said...

nice! one of these days i am going to get myself up to yosemite. what kind of mileage are those three runs?

JeffO said...

That is quite a journey you have planned! You deserve this great adventure. Sounds like fun.

The Mayor said...

ahhh yosemite. I have fond memories from my trip there this summer. In camp 4 a bear ripped out my window and at a few poundsof cacao and maca. beautiful country in the valley.
I hope this trip brings you peace.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great time in the valley Catra! Next time you go, kiss some rock and the bear boxes at camp 5 for me. Cheers my friend. -Green Frog

Catra said...

OH MY GOD!!! Green Frog..How I miss you and all the many days we spent together. Sleeping in the lot at Camp 5 and running from the tool..Hopping through the valley.
Everytime I look up at Royal arches, I think of you and how I thought I would die coming down the death slabs. U were and always will be my favorite climbing partner.
Guess who I saw today. "BIG WALL RICH". He asked about you and I said yeah, I need to email Pete. Looks like you read my mind.

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
I would love for you to join me on the PCT next year... What section were you thinking of???
The start would be fun.

I am feeling great and thanks for the compliments.
I will summons the ultra GODS and they maybe can help..LOL...I really wish I could, but really it's all up to Chris.
You should shoot for Rocky Raccoon 100 I will be there with a couple Virgins.
At least it will give you a reason to train, you get to see my smiling face.LOL...
I'm bad, It was only one time. The pictures were taken at 3pm when I was running so it was late in the day. I ran right after work.
In Yosemite I didn't wear my visor either, it was foggy one day and I was in the woods most of the time. I do wear the 60 block sunscreen and if I sweat a lot I reapply.
Hope all is well.

Catra said...

Hey Superchunk-
Yes the Valley is an amazing place.
I might go back again on Thursday & Friday. I love going there because I always see at least three people I know.
Saw a friend David who I haven't seen in a couple years. He has worked his way up and is doing electrical work in Yosemite. I remember when he was busing tables in the cafe.
I saw someone who I haven't seen in 3 years. I even gavre him his climbing name, "Big Wall Rich". He was solo a wall as his first big wall 5 years ago. Crazy guy drove his motorcycle all the way from Chicago that year with his hall bag strapped to the back. Yosemite Valley is filled with so many characters, I'm lucky enough to be one of them ;)

Catra said...

Hi Ikes we did 18, 18 & 12. We were planning on running more but Saturday the weather was ify for the 30 mile day.

Catra said...

I guess you don't know how bad the Yosemite Bears are. I have known them to break a window for some gum. My friend Albert left some food in his once got his window broken by the bear. He learned his lesson and made sure there was no food at all. A week later parked in the same spot he got bear'd again. We think the bears are smart and saw his car and figured hey I got food last time from that car.
I love camp 4, there is a lot of cool energy there. I must confess some of those climbers can get a little loud ,and out of control sometimes. My x was one of them. You better watch out when those guys start slamming the OLEs & King cobras..LOL...
Wow maca that bear is going to have a lot of energy!