Sunday, November 04, 2007

MISSION PEAK MADNESS..................................
What an awesome day we had running 12 hours on Mission Peak. I wish I would of counted how many people who were hiking out there on Saturday ,had to be at least 800 people. It was tough trying to work our way down the peak after each climb. It's pretty narrow and steep. One false step and you could really injure yourself. I had one close call with three hikers taking over the trail, I had to jump off the trail and I twisted my ankle which in place hurt my knee. At that point I was a little worried so I decided to head into Sunol where it was more runnable and meet up with Julia. Me and Martin headed out to Sunol together. He had never run out in the area. It was a nice break from the loops and was a good way to get more miles in since I wanted to run 40 miles.
It was interesting to see the expressions on people's face's at the top of the peak. They would be climbing up on one loop, they would be eating lunch on the next two loops then would head down. They would finally ask "What are you doing"?
I would tell them we are running for 12 hours...Most were shocked.

The weather was amazing, it was beautiful. I was so happy to see my friend Jim Winne. he came out to hike up the peak and he even did 2 loops. Jim you still inspire me even if you're old and slow..LOL
I broke up my loops again by going down the peak with Jim and Martin and climbed back up via Horse Heaven. It was pretty hot at that point.

I noticed a guy on a mountain bike riding up and I thought great a stalker..LOL..
But it wasn't it was Steve Ansel riding his bike up to meet us. He even did a couple loops.
We had a fun day that's for sure. I did 41 miles, Joe, 39 miles, Mylinh the super trooper 41 miles, Martin 38 miles.

"Now is a time of commitment. Decide upon your direction or goal and begin the journey towards it. Take time to recognise the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and eliminate them from your future. Change must take place in the inner you before change can take place in the real world. Let balance be your watchword and if you need help then it will appear. © Stephen Haynes"


hao said...

awesome run, catra! what a fun way to spend a saturday on the trails! hope the ankle and knee are fine. rest well.



Michelle said...

Hey Catra,
I was thinking of you guys on Saturday as I ran my first 50 miler at the Helen Klein ultra,I did it in 12 hours and 2 mins, I am slow BUT I finished and that is what counts.
I want to thank you for your quote today about change, it hit close to home and went with the feelings I had out there Saturday. I had a lot of time to think and I realized I can do anything and that change is not as hard and impossible as I think.I am strong and can DO IT!!...I am going to put the little quote by S.Haynes on my myspace

Norbert said...

Wait a minute - that's not Steve! He doesn't have is neon yellow gloves on!


Catra said...

Michelle Congrats. girl!!!!
Running 50 miles is major and who says 12 hours is slow??? Most people will never be able to run 50 miles in there life time. Be proud of what you did!!!
I love nOrm & Helen, I often think of how amazing Helen is and use her for my inspiration. I hope I can do what she does when I'm over 80 years young like her.
So what will be your next Ultra???

Catra said...

Hi Hao-
I'm fine ran 17 miles yesterday and 8 today. Looking forward to tearing up the trails in Yosemite Thursday-Saturday.