Sunday, November 11, 2007

BLAST FROM THE PAST.......................
Jim & Catra 1989 or 1990 some where in that time frame.
Jim my x-boyfriend, from back in the day sent this to me. I forgot about that picture. I know you all often wonder what I was like. Well, yes even back then I was posing for a magazine add or pictures.
We were such a hip and cute couple. We thought we were so damn cool..LOL..

"Not all opportunity is good opportunity, so pick and choose wisely out of the opportunities that will soon be presented. This is a time to be considering the future and putting down strong foundations that will lead to success. If you build the foundations correctly success will follow easily. If you don’t take time to lay the foundation correctly then your plans are likely to fall down. Don’t delay or prevaricate at this time. Propitious happenings are afoot. © Stephen Haynes"


Shari Baby said...

wait a second - was ROGER FOJAS the photographer ?

Catra said...

Hi Shari-
Yes Roger took this photo of me and Jim.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures of an awesome place, looks like you had a blast.