Monday, November 26, 2007

Julia & I both showed up to crossfit today sporting our Quad. Dipsea shirts.

Todays WOD: Run 400 meters for time, row 500 meters for time, 100 pull ups for time, 100 push ups for time and 100 sit ups for time.
MY Times.....RUN: 1:50, ROW: 2:15, PULL UPS: 4:19, PUSH UPS: 5:27 and SIT UPS: 3:12
I will head back for the 5pm class to see if I can do better ;)

This picture is for George. Here's my 10 year finisher fleece, it's very soft. I love it :)
Gotta put a picture of Rocky up too today, it's been a week or so since I put one up. So there!
"The call of destiny is strong, so follow what you know to be right and true. If you ask the universe for help, inspiration or guidance be assured that it will be supplied. Persevere with the sure knowledge that what will ultimately transpire will be, not only as good as you think, but will in fact be much better than expected. Have faith in the future, your long-term goals will surely be fulfilled. Remember though that it is the power of commitment that makes it so, not just idly wishing. © Stephen Haynes"


T Z said...

Lookin strong, girls! I wish there was a Crossfit group in this part of the world....

Catra said...

Hey TZ-
You live in Tulsa, right?
well search
it's on E. 51st st.
No excuses, now go ;)
If you do go let them know a crossfitter from Cali. sent U I go to one world crossfit.
The first week is free so just check it out. Let me know what you think.

George said...

Damn nice jacket!