Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DAY #3 YOSEMITE VALLEY RUNS................................

John Muir & I. I love this man, for what he did for the wild places in our country. He is my hero, and someday when I go to the wilderness in the sky ,I will get to spend time with him ,going out into the wild.

Getting high Catra style. Way up, on the Falls trail Upper falls overlook.
Me & the Boyz at the foot bridge of upper Yosemite Falls.
Veiw from an overlook, Royal Arches and Half Dome.

"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountain is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.”"-John Muir-


S.C. said...

Just found your blog (stumbled over from somewhere - can't remember) and am amazed at what you do - very cool. You must have a great job that allows the time off and yet the $$ to run and hike and travel so much. Lucky you! My question is about your workouts - do you just keep running and running, or do you also cross-train to build up those awesome muscles? And another question, while I'm at it: can you tell us the story of how you got into this ultra running thing? (Or did you sometime in the past that I could get the link to? I'm fascinated and wondering if you were always a super-athlete or if any old schlub could start getting into such adventures?)
Thanks, and rock on!

Catra said...

Hi Sarah-
Thanks for stopping buy.
First I'm not rich. You just make choices and focus your energy on what you want. I don't party or go out and spend money that way.
I love to race and travel so I choice each year what I want to do.
This year I didn't run very many Ultras because I used the money I would of used on Ultras to hike the Pacific crest trail(2,000 miles). I plan on doing maybe 12 ultras next year and once again focus on the PCT. I would like to get the womans record.
I choose to work at Places that support me and what I love to do.
I work two jobs right now. Part time at both, Whole Foods Market & REI.
I got into running after getting clean & sober. I started running in 2006 & running trail Ultras in 2008 and just kept going. It's a healthier addiction.
Yes, I cross trail. I do crossfit.
It's hard to explain the workouts but go to crossfit.com and you will learn about it.
Nope I was never an athlete until 1996. I tell people anyone can run 100 miles, if they want to. That's the key you have to want to.

Sarah C. said...

So you did the whole PCT as a thru-hike? (Sorry for my curiosity - I just love seeing other women do this kind of hardcore outdoors stuff: I'm getting into hiking and trail running and kayaking, but I'm finding that despite advances in, for example, gear for women, most of the stories you read - and indeed the serious gear being sold - is about men, and only rarely women. So you're an inspiration!). I'm wanting to do the John Muir Trail as a thru-hike, and starting to think about training for that.
Thanks for answering my questions, and getting out there and showing the world that girls can rock it too!

Catra said...

Hi S.C-
I cut the PCT short by 700 miles. That's why I'm going to do the whole thing next year.
I have fast packed the JMT 6 times.
I did it in 5 days 4 hours with 1 supply drop. I go the YO YO record. A man had it in 14 days ans I did it in 12 days 4 hours & 57 min. I love the JMT. I have run miles and miles on it.
If you plan on going a lone it's safe. They don't call it the super highway for no reason.
When are you planning on hiking the JMT??
Have an awesome day.
And thanks for the compliment.

S.C. said...

Hi again and thanks. I haven't made a plan for when - wondering how long it will take to train for it: maybe a year? (I'm not *quite* in the shape you're in; I've done one triathlon and am now stalled at a base of moderate fitness. I need goals in order to push myself to workout. Without big goals I just languish). I just read an article about a group who fastpacked the JMT in 10 days and it kicked their behinds. And of course, the woman in the group is shown dropping out before they get halfway and the men push on).

Jonah said...

Hi Catra,
I love that pic with Mr. Muir. He’s my hero, too. I’ve been reading a lot of his books lately – great words, great man. Thanks for sharing your Yosemite trip with us - I can’t wait for my next visit up there…

GB said...

Love that pic of you and John Muir. Too cute!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Catra! Love your blogger - good pics, great quotes and awesome inspiration. I'm inspired to go running in Yosemite....it's my HAPPY PLACE! I've only climbed there, and loved every minute of it. Next time I go, I'll get some running in. Thanks for sharing your stories!


p.s. -- while I was leaving this comment, I was reading a comment you gave back to someone who inquired about your job, $$, etc. You are so right - life is ALL about choices and what you can live WITH and WITHOUT. Love it!