Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thought I was going out for a solo 10 miler but looked down an realized I wasn't alone, my shadow was with me.
I'm doing a cleanse right now.
I'm doing the Master Cleanse. There is a book by Stanley Burroughs Called the Master cleanser. There is also a book by Peter Glickman called. Lose weight, have more energy & be happier in 10 days.
I have done this cleanse many times but for the full 10 days only 4 times and once for 12.
Each time I did it ,I felt great.
I decided after taking antibiotics in June ,and last week after HURT. It was time to cleanse.
I'm on day 2. The hardest days are 2,3 and 7. I felt it was the perfect time to do it. If you google The master cleanse it will show you a web-site.
I will blog the recipe tonight.
I think everyone should do this. It helps to get you to make better food choices and you really do feel better.
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Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Let it Snow!

Today was really cool and snowy outside for my run. I had so much fun as I was able to run my road course that looped at one section three times. I was able to run following the same feet prints the entire time.

I watched the Mohican 1994 DVD video I borrowed from a friend this past evening. I was amazed at looking at the people in the video and how they moved on into other things or are still around in the Mohican adventure. I reminded myself how we grow older and before long we may or may not be able to accomplish the same adventures. I am looking forward to obtaining my first and only Mohican Buckle.

I ran into a friend that is 63 and is out walking 5 miles a day. I stopped to talk to him and he as went by me. I was listening to him as he explained his tribulation in life, medical, family and retirement. All I can say is wow! The power of exercising and the benefits that it gives you,

Let us all keep those great health benefits that we now have in our minds and close to our hearts. Great to see you are in happy and great shape. Do as you need to reach your goal.

Anonymous said...


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Looney said...

Howdy Catra,

I got myself nice and muddy on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail yesterday and it had me wanting to ask you some questions:

Do you use special trail running shoes (something spikey) when it gets muddy? Or is it just a matter of having really good balance when you slide?

How does the 40 mile Stanford lot to Rose Peak and back compare with the Miwok 100?

Geoff said...

post the recipe and any other info. about this cleanse if you get a chance. i'd like to hear more about it. i guess i should just order the book... or see if they have it at the library.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Hi Catra,

Today (1/21), I was excited to spot you hiking up from your Nitro when I just arrived looking for a parking. It seemed that you nearly recovered from HURT. I quickly parked my car and got myself ready, but could not make up 10 min difference and caught you on the trail. I was even scouting at MP for five minutes.

On my way to Sunol, I found Joe and Mylinh are 15 min ahead of me. I sped up and met them at Sunol. We came back and chatted together until the sign-in board. It was too cold for me in the shady trail, so I had to run harder afterwards.

It was windy but still better than last week.

See you at Fremont Fat Ass!


steve edwards said...

Hey Catra,

How much mileage can you do whilst on this? When I do it, I'm walking only by day three. I'm about to cleanse as well. Probably right after the OR show this weekend. You aren't out for it, are you?

Geoff, just google it and you'll find plenty of info. Essentially, the only thing that you can "eat" is some "lemonade" made from water, lemons, real maple syrup (grade B, I think), and cayenne pepper. Plus, you get to drink a quart of sea salt laden water each morning. Good times.

Catra said...

Hi Rob-
Thanks for the great email.
I would freeze to death if I had to train in the snow all the time.
I love to visit the snow but wouldn't want to live where it snowed.
Yep, I feeling better.
I want to be able to be doing this until I die.
I have so many friends in there 60's that run and love that they influence me.

Catra said...

Hey Looney-
I always just run in Montrails. I love the Hardrocks.
Where were you at on he Ohlone?
I was out running yesterday Mission Peak area was dry.
I can't think of a muddy section out on the Ohlone unless you were running out of Del Valle and the shaded area of trail might have some mud.
You need good balance in the slippery mud thats for sure.
The 40 mile Rose Peak run is way harder than Mi-Wok trails.
If your running the Mi-Wok 100k it will be great training.

Catra said...

Darn I missed you. Did you go up the Ohlone 50k way or stright up???
I stayed on the Ohlone 50 course.
I turned around just before the sign in panel.
Glad I will see you next Saturday. There is no aid so bring enough bars and jels.
There is water at a few places. Me and Mike will give out maps with the course marked.

Catra said...

I will post it later.

Catra said...

Hi Steve-
No, I wish I was going to the OR show :(
I'm running a 50k this weekend instead.
My energy goes up and down on the Master Cleanse(MC)
I have done it a few times for 10 days. Once 12. When I did it for 12 on day 8 I ran 40 miles.
I run 20 on it and have no problems. I'm usually not to toxic. This time I am from the antibiotics I was on in July for a total of 15 days. Than I took Levaguin 2 times.
I also used a lot of advil last year during races.
So I'm thinking I'm a little more toxic than I have been before on this.
Today day 3 I had no eneregy this morning. I don't run Mondays. I was going to run but felt tired.
I felt to tired to go the crossfit so hopefully tomorrw I will have more energy.
I'm heading out to take my dog Rocky 3 miles so we will run walk.
It's an awesome cleanse.
I love the results and how you feel.
I still am fine doing my regular milage while on the MC.
Have fun.

Debbie said...

Catra (and Steve),

I am coming out to Utah from Holland for the 2nd half of Feb. Steve I'll email you & Sandee with the details. But Catra, I was thinking that maybe all of us could get together in Salt Lake City. Or run the trails above Park City.
Much Lerv, Deb

jannu said...

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Rey said...

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