Saturday, January 06, 2007

I love snowboarding!!!!!!
So I can now add snowboarding, to the ever growing list of sports I love!!!
I had so much fun. Thanks Dominic for taking me. I didn't even complaine or did I ;)
The first few runs were all about becoming one with the board. Once I figured that out. I got it. I connected with my board and the snow. Did I tell you I hate the cold & the snow. Well I use to.
I told myself I must learn to love it, and I do.

I did spend quite a bit of time in this position. But so did a lot of people.
I can't wait to go again. I already have it planned out when I get back from Hawaii. I want to get good.
I went out running Friday in Tahoe around 4:30pm, not a smart thing to do when there's tons of snow and ice on the ground. I only ran for 45 min. But when the sun went down it got cold. I made it back to the motel just in time. I was so cold. My hands were so sore. It felt like someone hit each one of my finger tips with a hammer. My toes were very numb too. But the pain in my finger tips was almost unbearable. It took at least 15 min. until the pain stopped. Poor Dominic didn't know what to do. So he took my hands and put him under his shirt, on his stomach. It worked, and the pain started going away from the warmth of his body. He said my hands were like ice cubes.

Oh., and by the way I was wearing gloves. Lesson learned, two pairs of gloves next time and no running after 3pm in the Winter in Tahoe.
Well at least next weekend I will be in Hawaii. Won't have to worry about the cold or snow. Posted by Picasa


Ultra Okie said...

your are too cool Catra! I wish I could get out and try some new things. I have had my fingers get so cold I could hardly stand it when they started warming up. really painful!!

Glad you had a rockin' time. Need any crew in Hawaii! ;)

Anonymous said...

Positive vibes girlie....
i send soon my packing list for PCT
sounds great Hawaii !!!!!!

Bob Gentile said...

LOL --LOOKS like U had a Blast!! not a fan of the snow and cold but that does look pretty neat...

Ya can U imagine the frostbite peeps get when they climb Mount Everest, U had a little taste on how scary frostbite can be--watch it!

OK Umm can I be the cabana boy for your Hawaii trip I promise fresh fruit, clean towels and deep messages :-)

Geoff said...

I was going to suggest that you should come up to Alaska one of these years to run the Susitna 100 ( after this post i'm not certain this would be the best idea. then again, what fun is it to only do things that seem like a good idea?

Catra said...

Hey Bob-
I know I better get use to the cold. I was just not prepaired. I will be very prepaired by the time I head out on my Everest Journey.

Catra said...

hey geoff-
I was telling my friend Dom about that race in Alaska after my frost bite went away.
I said I'd never do it but yesterday I thought. I will do it the same year I do Badwater. To the Hottest Ultra and the coldest Ultra in the same year.
I like the whole Idea of the runner pulling their gear along.
I'm sure I could do it!

Flatman said...

I want to try s.b. sooo bad! Looks like loads of fun...

JeffO said...

Try WindStopper fleece conversion mittens with the optional finger hoods. Those are fantastic.
Bought mine at EMS. I'm sure you can find the same thing from other brands.

If you're out in sub-zero, try using those as liners and cover them with a large pair of Goretex mittens. Use the lanyards on the mittens 'cuz you'll be frequently yanking them off to use your fingers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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