Friday, January 19, 2007

Everything in
my life-
every experience,
every relationship-
is a mirror of
the mental
pattern that is
going on inside og me.

Went for a short run and felt ok...I will start back to crossfit tomorrow and do a 15-20 mile run tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel great. I'm on day 2 of a 9 day stretch at work. I don't have a day off until next Friday. I will also be getting tattooed that day.
If anyone is interested we will be running a Fat Ass 50k next Saturday starting at Quarry Lakes at 8am in Fremont.
Get a hold of me if you want beta on this 50k.
Have an awesome Friday everyone.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah me interested !!!!! 50k is cool distance ....
you wait me...ok

Eudemus said...

Catra, Sorry to hear about your joint troubles, but its good that it is healing quick. I'd love to join the 50K, but don't know if I will be up for the distance by next Sat. I am just coming off a two week layoff so my knee/ITB is still iffy and my fitness is way down. Also, congrats on the 100K at HURT despite the antibiotic troubles!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are pulling out of it...don't rush back too fast. Steady wins the race of life.

I was curious to know if there is a popular site for ultrarunners to coordinate trail runs with out your way? I sometimes travel to SJ and end on a rundown hotel treadmill or running steps whereas I'd rather get out there and find some of those trails!

squirrel_nutz said...

Pic looks like a Warhol painting.

See ya around.

Caren said...

that is one colorful picture! where's the new tattoo gonna be? glad to see you're bouncing back from the dreaded antibiotic.

Karrun said...

Speaking of tatoos and you have some of the most brilliant, most beautiful, most outstanding that I have ever seen - I'm looking for a sun, moon & stars - have looked, but can't seem to find out that 'glows' like yours do. Any suggestions on where to look?

David Sclothe said...

Hey, I thought of your 5000 miles in '06, and now doing the same is on my ten year list.

Along with visiting Montenegro and learning the history of the Supreme Court.

It's gonna be a good decade. Woo!