Monday, January 22, 2007

The Master Cleanse
Here is what you need
for a 10 day cleanse.
:40 lemons organic preferred. Only buy enough for 5 days at a time or they will spoil
:At least 80 fl. oz of organic grade b maple syrup(usually sold in 32 oz bottles= 2.5 bottles)
:1/2 pound non-iodized sea salt( i recommend Celtic sea salt)
:2.5 oz of cayenne pepper(powdered hot red pepper)
: a box of heral Laxative(smooth move by Traditional Medicinals)
: At least five gallons of purified or spring water for the lemonade.
And another 3 gallons and a pint for the salt water flush and laxitive tea.
* these quantities are based on a 10 day cleanse 8 glasses of the lemade a day. Stanley Burroughs says to drink 6-12 glasses a day. So you can adjust your quantities.

Mix and drink 6-12 glasses a day. Here's the recipe:

2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice.

2 tablespoons of grade B organic maple syrup,

1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and

8 fluid ounces of spring or purified water.

for info go to
May sure to by the book The Master Cleaser by Stanley Burroughs cost $6.50
I'm sure you can get it at any book store or Whole Foods Market.

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Flatman said...

Man, I have had nothing but bad luck with any kind of cleanse I have ever tried. I get pretty damned sick...

Makes me a little queasy just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I've been doing it on and off for 10yrs. Sometimes I just substitute 1-2 meals with a cleansing drink if I feel like I've been chowing down too much and feel heavy or bloated.

Some folks may want to ease into the cayenne pepper. Your recipe has a nice small dosage. That pepper makes an excellent "marker" (when going #2) in that it will be plain to see that it is moving through your system.

Hopefully you aren't the kind who gets grumpy during some of the days!

Anonymous said...

please be careful if you tend to swing towards hypoglycemia or have other blood sugar concerns. otherwise a very good cleanse

Eudemus said...

I considered doing a five day version of this cleanse earlier this year, but then chickened out and just did a 3 day juice-fast instead. I felt much better than I expected to, but then I wasn't running at the time. I'm new to the cleansing thing so I'm not sure I can yet get my head around doing it while training.

Have a good time with the 50K this weekend. I wish I could join you guys. My knee/ITB passed the test last weekend, but I still don't think I'll be ready for ultra distances again for about another month.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Do you eat regular food while you are doing this? Thanx!!!

Ryan said...

I did the Lemonade Diet in November and lasted only two day's, I give everything a try once before I judge but this just wasn't for me, I had no motivation to continue after two day’s but the funny thing is I liked the taste of the black licorice laxative tea = ) I would recommend a juicer my hands burned from squeezing lemons...Well I wish you well on the cleanse it certainly has a lot of benefits.

Bob Gentile said...

I just did the NEERA Super Cleanse last week for 7's the modern version of the Master Cleanse. samething they just tweeked up the syrup mix with some more nutrients.

First 2 days was a bit rough but after that NO problem, sipping the drink did get a bit boring after a while and I had enough by day 7 but overall I felt great and feel more energized and cleaner, if ya know what i mean--lol

I will DO it ONCE a year from now on. Well worth it to give your Digestive system a yearly break of SOLID FOODS!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Do you eat regular food while you are doing this? Thanx!!!

No SOLID FOODS the maple Neer mixed drink with lemons plus drinking Herbal Teas and JUICE Oranges/Grapefruits for a recovery drink after workouts are all you drink and YES lots of water.

Good luck on your cleanse Catra :-)


Ironrav said...

Do many endurance athletes do these cleansing cycles on a regular basis? Also, do people generally do this during their easy weeks or can it be done on normal ones? I'd be interested to know.

Catra said...

When you feel sick it's the toxins being released.
It's part of the cleanse. The MC cleanse is the best by far.
I have done so many and I see great results with this.
Try it, but make sure you by the book so you do it right.

Catra said...

Hey anonymous-
Thats awesome. The best thing to do if you eat bad food is: he next day do the slat water flush it will move all the bad stuff out.

The cayenne pepper is the exact dose your suppose to use.
When going #2 and it burns is the acid waste and not the pepper.

The first time I did it for 12 days I had a lot of burning from the acid waste. This time I don't rally have any burn yet and it's day 4.
I am sure groggy. I know I'm detoxing the antibiotics and this is just a side effect.
I recommend buying the book for $6.50. You need to read it to make sure you do the cleanse right.

Catra said...

You should try it again
And do the full 10 days to get the benifits. You will just have to run how you feel.
This cleanse has been hard the last couple days I'm really detoxing and can feel all the horrible effects of taking the antibiotics I took last year and the Levaquin a couple weeks ago.

I'm getting ready to run but will just go 5 miles today.

Hey you should still come out Saturday you can go short and do 5 or 10 just do an out and back would love to meet ya.

Catra said...

No you only have the MC drink 6-12 8 oz glasses a day. Also water and the laxitive tea at night.

Catra said...

Day 2,3 and 7 are the hardest.
You should really try again to get the good benifits.

I have been a vegan for 12 years and have been raw of and on the longest was 6 months.
I'm 80% raw most weeks but I'm doing this to get back to 100% raw diet. I felt the best on the 100% raw foods diet.
It will be a challenge on the Pacific crest trail for three months but I will do my best out there.

Catra said...

Day 2,3 and 7 are the hardest.
You should really try again to get the good benifits.

I have been a vegan for 12 years and have been raw of and on the longest was 6 months.
I'm 80% raw most weeks but I'm doing this to get back to 100% raw diet. I felt the best on the 100% raw foods diet.
It will be a challenge on the Pacific crest trail for three months but I will do my best out there.

Catra said...

Hi Irorav-
I would do it on an easy week.
I have known a few ultrarunners who have done it.

I once ran 40 miles when when I was on the Mater cleanse. I have run 20 miles with no problem on it.

I'm running a 50k fun run this Saturday on it.
I will say this cleanse has been tough. I was on antibiotics in july 15 days and then again during HURT 100 two 1 week ago.
I can feel I'm really detoxing from these horrible drugs.
The other times I've done the MC it was no big deal.
I haven't taken prescrption drugs in years. It had been 23 years since I took an antibiotic.
My energy has been low the last two days but I know it will get better.

Jessica Deline said...

I did a 10 day and 3 day juice fast but this looks interesting. I may have to try it some time...

Catra said...

Hey Bob what the NEER all about??

Catra said...

Hey Bob-
Just read up on Neera. They just want you to buy their stuff.
It's based on the Master cleanse but they tweak it with their special stuff.
I believe the MC cleanse should never be altered. You are suppose to follow it exactly the way Stanley wrote it. Otherwise you don't get the results.
Hey but if it worked for you great. It sounds good.
MC is easy just buy the stuff and do it. I have a leamon tree so the lemons are easy for me to get and that cut the cost.
I save tons of money on the cleasnse because I'm not eating.

Anonymous said...

Neera Cleanse = empty your wallet.

Are you planning on replenishing your probiotics and digestive enzymes somehow?

Typically, those darn antibiotics kill off a lot of the good flora as well.

Nia here! said...

Hey Catra,
Wow! An ultra-runner?! So for you a "marathon" is a warm up?! Wow! I'm doing my search for Master Cleanse in order to find ways to enrich my blog on the same topic. Nice presentaiton and folloow up discussion you have here. Keep it up "dirt diva". All the best, Nia.

Anonymous said...

hey there everyone. Im 37 years old and this is my first tyme trying the MC.I had bad kidney pain the 2nd day and I believe caffeine withdrawl Headaches as well. Im not sure if this is normal. can someone help me out. Im really trying to keep going but Im truly having a hard tyme in doing so. thanks

Catra said...

It's not uncommen to have kidney pain. i did for three days. It was part of the antibiotics I had taken before I think.
I'm not a doctor so if it worse you shouldmaybe stop.
There is a master cleanse web site. Just do a google search Master cleaser.
Good luck and stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Hey i am doing the master cleanse for the first time but only for seven days. I am only drinking the lemonade during the day,this is my second day and i still havent drunk the TEA or done the salt water it neccesary for the weight loss results??

Pepper said...

Can I do the MC for only 3 days?... If so, can I go back to normal eating on the 4th day. I am going on a long trip in one week and I don't want to be overwhelmed and inconvenienced with the preparation of the drink. Today is my first day and it is my first time doing it.

christina said...

heyy..ive been doing the cleanse for 2 days so far and its not even hard yet! maybe thats because i'm a vegan so im already pretty healthy? i haven't had any really bad side effects, im not hungry and i feel great. is it supposed to be this easy?? am i doing something wrong? i do the salt water flush in the morning, the lax tea before bed and 6 or so maplelemonade thingys during the that right? also, i really miss plain old spring water. can i drink water by itself? I can't find any info on it...thanks!

rambcam said...

I've just completed my 10 day cleanse and lost 14lbs and feel great. Can I substitute 1 or 2 meals with the drink from now on?

Anonymous said...

Today is my second day on the master cleanse, and I wonder if im doing it right too.. I drank the tea last night and the salt water flush this morning and as far as "the bathroom" goes I havnt really gone that much so am I doing something wrong?

Sallie Mosely said...

Ugh. day 3... kidney pain, aches basically down the left side of my body down my leg... i've heard the worse the toxins are, the worse the process is gonna be.. i hope this gets better. haven't seen much by way of the "flush" myself... it's pretty much clear and smells like someone is squeezing a lemon out my butt - haha.. anyway. it's good to see comments from others. my goal is 30 days... we'll just see how it goes.

sarah campbell said...

I am happy to know that I am not the only one with peevish kidney pains. I thought the acid from the lemons were playing wreckage on my vital organs. All though, from all my internet research, I've learned that pain is a cleansing process. So my kidneys must hurt from toxins, right? Not the massive amounts of lemon and lime juice that is passing through them.

To ease the pain I stretch and use heat. Kinda like cramps. I try and stay active, but my mood seems very mellow and slightly melancholic since I've started. This is day 4, so I am expecting better things to come.

Thanks for your blog. Good luck with running.

Sarah said...

I have been cleansing for 16 days and now will run my first race while cleansing! so many interesting! I have found what helps when cleansing is NOT to chew gum but use listerine strips/spray instead. I find chewing gum reminds me I am NOT eating

katie smith said...

No. Just the drinks. Water in between

Chris Jackson said...

So is the MC dangerous for someone who is not in the best shape? I'm not a runner but will get on the elliptical for cardio. I plan on doing a 3 day pre-cleanse before I start the 10 day MC. I am a bit over weight in the gut. I just don't want to find myself in the emergency room or something.