Thursday, January 18, 2007

WISDOM CARD................

I talked to my doctor. He said I am the first of his athletic patients who had issues with the levequin.
He has triathelets & marathoners he treats using the same treatment.
We decided that I won't use anything during my events. We also will not use that class of antibioctics. He wrote all my side effects down and will notify the drug company.
He is giving me a antibiotic that I would take only if I get an infection. He said to continue doing my natural stuff and drink tons more water during my events to stay hydrated. That's the key for me!
We will see how Rocky Raccoon 100 goes next month.
On a good note my energy is coming back and my joints are starting to feel better.
Last night was the first night I slept through the night and didn't wake up in pain.
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Mike said...

Good to hear you're feeling better...stay away from that Levaquin for now.
Let me know if you ever consider doing an eastcoast ultra like the Vermont 50 or 100miler.
Love the pic ; )


Catra said...

Hi Mike-
I would love to run Massanutten again. I've run it two times. Next year I will run it.
Maybe Vermont 100 next year too since I haven't run it.
Glad you like my goofy picture ;)

Whitney said...

I'm thrilled to hear your feeling better ;] Good luck in rocky, my dad said he's going to run that race so you'll probably end up seeing him again! Anyway, I have a question for you, where do you get all your awesome shades? You're always wearing kick butt sun glasses..I can't seem to find any good ones I like but you seem to have them lol! Anyway, I'll send you some early vibes for rocky, good luck and take care of yourself!

Love Yah - xoxo

Catra said...

Hi Whitney-
I buy them all over when I race..I bought the ones in this piture in Hawaii for $9.99.
I never pay over $12.00 for mine.
I buy some in the mall like at those stores where they sell cheap jewlery.
I really do buy most of them when I travel. I bought 3 pairs last year in Hawaii that I still have.
Thanks girl. Tell your Mom and Dad hi.
What's your Moms next race??
So when do I get to meet you??
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you have run RR100 before, but it is quite an event. The RD, his wife, and the Austin trail running club put on an unbelievable event. You'll love it.

sr in tx

Catra said...

Hey SR-
Thats where it all started.
That's where I became a 100 mile trail runner way back when, in 1999.
I haven't run it since so it will be fun.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Hey, see you at Rocky, Catra.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

Catra said...

Hi Ben-

Great I will be there with my gal pal Xy Weiss.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cat'

you are fresh hair cut??? if i see

love ya

Catra said...

No Ju I didn't cut my hair!
It's just pulled back and put up.

Tri-John said...

Great blog! I found it off a link from Zen and the art of Triathlon. I’ll have to start reading it from the beginning to get caught up. Are you still planning on doing an interview with Bret for the Rocky Raccoon 100?

Take care and Good luck on your next event.


JP said...


Levaquin is some badass stuff. Its in the same family of drugs as Cipro (used to treat Anthracks - deliberate miss-spelling). I took the stuff for a staph infection after foot surgery and it took nearly 9 months for my GI tract to get back to normal.

I'm glad your doc took you off the stuff.


Running Man said...

Funny how frequently doctors say, "That's the first I've heard of it." I think they spend a lot more time listening to sales reps than reading studies on drugs. Am I crank about this stuff? Absolutely. The important thing is you're feeling better and good for you.

Whitney said...

Hey Catra,

thats awesome! Maybe I should start collecting sun glasses when I go to different states...hmm lol! I hate shopping for glasses cause It's rather rare to find a cute pair thats under 12 dollars. I never thought about going to a cheap jewlery store to find some...I think I'll do that ;]

I think I'll be meeting you at McNaughton. Mom's next race is probably going to be Land Between the Lakes.

Love Yah,

Anonymous said...

Hey there....just had to mention that those shades are so money.
What type of water bottle do you run with?