Sunday, January 07, 2007

Today I am offically divorced. Here is a picture of me and my X-husband badass Rockclimber Ammon McNeely. This picture reminds me of how much fun I had even though there was a lot of sadness and bad times. In the end we were just not meant to be.
Yes in this picture I'm holding a beer just for fun.
We were both so differenent but had an intense love for our sports and the outdoors.
One thing we really had in common was we both loved Yosemite. That's where we met.

I wish Ammon well in all he does with the rest of his life.
I don't care what anyone says or even what I have said. But when someone touches your life in such a profound way like Ammon did in my life you always have a little love for that person.

I am now free to go forward. It's weird but I'm a little sad that it's official. I really haven't talk to him that much in the past two years.
I know our paths will cross in Yosemite and I can only be happy for him. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

it's always okay to be sad and greive for people and events that have had a big impact on your life. making it official provides another opportunity to reflect on that.

glad you had so much fun snowboarding! was just wondering when you might go up there again, after all your pics of you and your new gear with no snow :)

have a great day,


olga said...

You can't be not touched by such a strong personality, and you been a strong personality. I am glad it's a closure you feel good about - the past, the present and the future.

Snowboarding pictures look awesome!

Catra said...

Hey Molly-
Thanks for the email you're right it's ok to greive.
Oh the Fremont Fat ass 50k is on..It will be Jan. 27th. My friend Mike Palmer has a email list he sends info out on. It has weekend runs with runners in the Bay Area. Can I give him your email???
Do you want me to send all the info?? Mike has I will have him email it to you.

Hey I'm going up for the day on the 26th for sure. Might go on the 19th too.
Do you snow board???
I plan on going at least 2 times a month this season.

Dirt Runner said...

Are you sure that's you? Where's all the ink?

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
Thanks!! I loved snowboarding. I'm addicted what can I say.
Love ya,

Catra said...

Hey Dirt runner-You're right it could be someone else ;)
But come on we all know I'm crazy and I'll try anything so yep, it's me!

Shari Baby said...

WOW - that doesn't even look like you. You look so much fitter and decorated now. Anyway, I know what you mean and how weird it must feel to have that definite end. That is around the corner for me and it is quite sad. When you share a life with somebody it is always difficult to redifine that relationship. I wish you and your x the best.

Mike said...

Catra- you look naked without all the ink! ;-)
Great positive perspective you have there on the relationship / breakup- definitely refreshing since that is rarely the case!

Anonymous said...

hey catra,

sure, give Mike my email info, thanks. see you on the 27th!

no, I don't snowboard. last winter went snowshoeing, that was much more my speed :) may try and get up there again this winter/spring.


Geoff said...

How long ago was that picture taken?

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

While I think snow boarding I pretty cool! We in Ohio are preparing for our next 100.

You are cool as HexxxxxxxLLLLL and I thought woud share this pic for you all to enjoy! Go to: We were Darn near swimming at the deep parts of this 50(K)

Come to the Mohican 100. Catra!

I bet these old guys would love to run with you again!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell
"King Slug"
Pres. OHIO Sluggo's

Catra said...

Hi Mike-
We were just not meant to be.
In case you haven't noticed I'm pretty extreme. Me and Ammon got married 23 days after we started dating. Not the smartest move ;)

Catra said...

hey geoff-
It was taken May of 2003. I was getting ready to climb my first big wall. A route on El Cap. in Yosemite called Zodiac.
I took a fall 4 days after this picture was taken. 40 feet the rope caught my arm and my ulna broke. I still have the scar and plate and seven screws.
Fun times ;)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

mine was finalized last thursday. i really like what you said about how you always have a little love for that person.

Sam said...

Congrats to both of you.
I've Dd 3 times and all of us survived.
Without some sadness we wouldn't know happiness.
Keep on truckin, running, climbing or whatever the hell you decide to do.

P.S. I've noticed you're a bit extreme:)

Catra said...

hey sam-
Sorry to hear about your divorces.
I doubt I will ever get married again. You live and learn.
Yep, just a little extreme.