Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quarry lakes/Alameda creek trail..
I only ran 13 miles was planning on running 15 but I did my crossfit work out on the trail. So that took up some time.
I decided I would start back up at Crossfit, going to join the one in Union City. I can actually run there. I most likely will do that a couple days a week to get a flat 10 miler in.
Was a beautiful day. Lots of birds and lots of cute dogs on the trail.
This is where the Fremont Fat ass 50k will take place next Saturday. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling better! see you next weekend for the fremont 50k. i'll be the short, slow one with the big smile :)


Catra said...

Hey Molly-
I will be really slow too. Gotta save my energy for my next 100 miler the following week.
i also told my frined Julia I would run the whole 50k with her.
It's very flat so it's gonna hurt.

squirrel_nutz said...


I only ran 13 miles today also, but in doing so I set a course record in winning the Pacifica 21K...whoo hoo for me! ;-)

Looking forward to the Ohlone 50K in May, goal is to be the first over 40 runner to go sub-5hr.

See ya around.

Catra said...

wow..SN thats awesome.
You should join us next weekend for the Fremont Fat Ass 50k. You can run a shorter distance if you want.
We are starting inside Quarry lakes at 8am. Drive in and make a right after going through the Kiosk.
Park towards the end of the lot.
Let me know if you can go.
Shit if you go under 5 hours that would be pretty damn amazing. Ohlone is a tough course and that would be huge if you did it.
I always finish that run as my solo 100 miler so my times look slow but those are the last 31 miles of my 100 mile run.

Catra said...

Hey SN-
I just looked up who ran from Fremont. Your name is Will Gotthardt, correct?? AKA Billy.
I remember you.
Your identity has been revealed.
I had a secret crush on ou when I was a teenager..LOL!!!
Not sure I would recognize you now..I remember you were a really great soccer player so I'm sure you will make an awesome Ultrarunner.

squirrel_nutz said...

'GULP'...OK I didn't know that.


Catra said...

Hey SN-(Billy)..LOL
That's why you didn't know because it was a secret ;)
Only for me to know!
Funny I keep remebering little bits and pieces about you.
Gosh I feel freak'n old now...
Have an awesome night!
Gotta get back to work.
One day I'll be rich & famous and won't have to work!
I can dream can't I?? ;)

Shari Baby said...

you're not at CrossFit SJ anymore ?