Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair.
I hate that when I tell people I'm going to visit my parents I have to go to the cemetery. No one should have to do this.
My parents shouldn't be dead. They weren't old enough to die. Well at least in my books.
They should of lived to be in their 90's like my grandparents.
Instead God had other plans. Plans that sometime I just don't understand why?
My Dad died of a heart attack, he was 48 years old. I was 17 and it hurt not to have him in my adult life.
My Mom was healty, so we thought. She was 70 and so full of life.
When ever I get ready for a hundred I go to visit my parents. I know I don't have to, but it makes me feel better. I do it out of love, and respect.
I take my parents with me on each of my journeys.
God had other plans for them, so I must accept it. But it's hard.
My Mom was alive for my first 3 HURT 100's. And planned on going to HURT #4 with me but she passed away before then.
As I head out on the trails Saturday I can't predict what will happen. One thing I do know is my Parents, in Angel form will be by my side, guiding me to the finish line Sunday afternoon.

Friends please send me positive vibes.
Also make sure you tell your parents you love them.
I have no regrets my parents knew I loved them. Posted by Picasa


Whitney said...


I wish I could give you a big hug girl! I've never really lost anyone that close to me except my cat but I know it wouldn't be a very good feeling! Just keep your chin up and keep moving foward with every step ;)

I also want to send you some postive vibes for Hawaii! Good luck and have fun!

Much Love Sista!

flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...


That was such a beautiful and loving post. Your life is a blessing to all those around you; and those far away like me. I will be up early on the trails of Delaware, thinking of you at HURT, and sending every positive thought/vibe my little soul can muster.

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
Happy Days;
john :)

Cato said...
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Force of Hobbit said...

Catra - I have been lurking and reading your blog for several weeks. I started crossfit in December and found you somehow via that connection. I just read this post and I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts. I am close to your age and both of my parents died in their 40's. I write letters to my mom on my blog (although I have hit a mental block lately) - but I am going to try and reach inside to get back to that again. In the meantime thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

squirrel_nutz said...


Hô ka nani!


See ya around.

Feminist Runner said...

Positive vibes for your race, Catra. It is wonderful that you honor your parents like you do; it keeps them alive.

Anonymous said...

So many things you post hit home to a lot of people. I personally have lurked, laughed, and cried at the wide variety of things I have read. Both of your parents are, no doubt, proud of the woman you have become. Your obvious strength is inspiring and encourages others to better themselves.

Go kick some bootie at HURT!

sr in tx

Sam said...

Big hug sent your way from downtown Chicago. I'll trot through my little 10 mile run on the lakefront this weekend and send a thought and prayer or two your way.
Best of everything to you.

Bob Gentile said...

GOD Bless You Catra on your HURT event this weekend...

Great Post and yes your Parents will be with YOU every STEP!!

(((((Big HUGS)))))))

Kelly S. said...


My best to you this weekend at HURT! I'm sure your parents spirit will be with you each and every step of the way. You're such an inspiration, Catra!

Take care and be safe!

Anonymous said...

Positive vibes just for you....
we will run PCT for them and kick ass the record!!!!!
less 80 days!!!!!
love ya girl

Gregg Lynn said...

Catra, I lost my father at 18--it was scary trying to become an adult without that influence. I'm still fairly new to ultrarunning but I know how it can be very soothing to the soul. I'm wishing you all the best at HURT--you've been a huge inspiration for me. Hoping you have an incredible time--God Bless.

Flatman said...

I'm definitely thinking about ya...Good luck in the HURT!!!

Running Man said...

Lost my Dad (56) when I was fifteen, he had a heartattack. Sometimes when I get to the starting line, I like to think about him watching me and I wonder what he'd think. In fifteen years of knowing him, I only saw him run once in our backyard. Kinda weird when I think of my experience compared to my son's. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of my priorities and best of luck in Paradise. You'll do great because you are great!

greyhound said...

Hey, I heard about you from Brett at Zentri. Have a great run.

Anonymous said...

So sorry!

Billy said...


I have no doubt that your parents will be with you. I lost my dad in April '06 and I feel the same at the start of every race, he's with me, especially the Los Angeles Triathlon. It was the last race he came to with me.

I've been sharing your blog with al of my family and friends and you are an incredible person.Go kick some ass at Hurt!

-Billy in Belmont

OCRunnerGirl said...

Beautiful post. You know they will be looking down upon you at HURT and making every step WITH you! Positive vibes are all around you. Kick some butt girl!!

Billy said...

btw...please give my best to "One Armed" Willie Stewart while at HURT, he's also racing. Along with Hammer and Baker's Breakfast Cookies, I race for his Team PossAbilites.

Can't wait to read about your race next week.

-Billy "Will"

olga said...

Beautifully said. They'll be there.

All the vibes to you, darling.

Jessica Deline said...

That was a really beautiful post and a good reminder to tell our parents we love them! All my best to you at HURT this weekend!

CTT said...

Nice post that makes you really think. I know it did me...I just got news today that my dad has 1 to 8 months to live. Granted he didn't die young but it is still very difficult to deal with.

Mike said...

Beautiful post Catra- thanks for sharing.
Have an excellent race- positive vibes headed your way!!

Squirrel said...

Catra, awesome post and I share your pain. I too have to visit my parents either in my dreams or at the cemetery. In every hundred I've done I feel my Mon's with me and at the finish of these awesome events I get misty eyed think I wish I could hug them as I cross the finish.
Godspeed in Hawaii, you love this race and your well trained. Go kick so butt ad BTW I love your new tattoo.