Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wisdom card..................................
Everything I
need comes to me
at the perfect
I ask
for help.
I tell life
what I want,
and then I allow
it to happen. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

the allowing is the hard part ...

have a good day!


Ultra Okie said...

Cool pic Catra. today is my 50 birthday. 2+ inches of ice on the ground so not likely will get out and run. geez, i can't believe I am 50...bummer.

Ironrav said...

Well done Catra! How are you feeling today? Still in Hawaii?

Catra said...

hey molly that's true!

Catra said...

Hey Steve Happy B-Day to you!
I hope the weather gets better soon.
You look great for 50.

Catra said...

hi ironrav-
I'm feeling better I got back home on Tuesday night. So back to work and life.
Thanks for stopping by.

cyclingdave said...

i agree totally. this is why i am always careful with what i wish for. i'll usually get it, i just never know how.

JeffO said...

I love the part about "allow"-ing it to happen. I meet so many people who resist life. Without naming religions, it seems the message of so many religions is to feel guilty if things are going right, as if we don't deserve it, or as if we're sinning for being too happy. That leads to self-destructive thinking, as if that's some sort of required "penance". Life is difficult. We gain so much - and can give so much back - if we life positive and let good things happen.