Monday, January 01, 2007

Me & my party boy friends Shawn left and Eric on the right. We were partying down at Voodoo lounge.

These guys are so fun to hang out with. It was a good night no one got shit faced drunk. Well niether one of them.
The Voodoo lounge was great, never been there. The band I really liked was called Insolence. They are a mix of hiphop, Reggae and hardcore riffs. They rocked the house...I must admit the bass player was hot he looked kinda like a cross between Satan & a clean cut Rob Zombie. That boy had energy jumping up and down playing that bass, never saw anyone play bass like that before.
We didn't give the headline band Flipside much of a chance we heard one song, and decided to head to The Blank club to get our groove on.
It was off the hook there, as always. Danced up a storm. I saw some old friends but didn't say hi. I know they didn't recognize me. I'm working my way up the next time I go to start reintroducing myself to these people. The last time they all saw me I was a drug addicted & alcoholic. In time, I will say hi.
I did have a couple drunks to deal with but I handled myself well.

Today I'm feeling a little sick, but i've been fighting off a cold. I will go out and run later today before I go get a massage..I'm looking so forward to that.

Have an awesome day and I wish the best of luck to all of your hopes ,and dreams for 2007.
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David Sclothe said...

Wow, a new identity? Good for you, yo.

I traded unhealthy excesses for miles as well. Only 20 so far this year. Not as many as you. And I am tremendously envious of yr ink. Damn!

In return for the unhealthy behaviors I also got grad school and a career that involves a job with a pressed shirt. I love wearing a pressed shirt.

And now you've got me thinking of this HURT 100. It's in Hawaii? I ain't never been, and I ain't never done a 100 either. I'm thinking of one of those in '08. Fifty in April, see what happens for the rest of the year, train for the 100.

Take care--


Catra said...

Hey RC-

I think you should do a 100 miler this year after running 50 miles you can run a hundred.