Sunday, January 28, 2007

New tattoo..I'm starting my right sleeve and
I have a few blank spots. So artist Julio at Marks of art did this Sacred heart on the back of my right arm. He has one more big spot to add some work.
The back of my right arm lower.
He is drawing up a picture right now.
Once he does the next piece in two weeks. We will start adding all the small hearts & stars, flames and other fun designs.
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dp said...

You amaze . . . I've been reading your exploits and enthusiasms quietly way east in NYstate. You totally inspire. A 50k while on a cleanse. And look at that back. Beautiful. Tattoos too. Thought about you on the trail today. Wondered: is she, like, running distance while she cleanses? Got my answer. Too bad about your Hurt experience. That antibiotic you took is one of the strongest on the market.

Cause of you I'm going to try the MC myself. An Ultra as well, as soon as I can find one that is more trail than road. There aren't as many in these parts (that you don't have to get into the car and really travel some road to). I'm a bit nervous to just take off and try one as I've never run one.

Anyway, you rock. Thanks for your amazing spirit.

My Picasso said...

Hey Catra.
I'm loving the new art.
The hearts & stars...sort of a thing I've got going too. Just added a star to the back of my neck. I just wish that my skin would take on the ink as well as your skin does. Your colors look so great & vibrant.
Take care.

flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...

very, very nice....whenever i'm having a tough time getting out to run in the cold east coast weather, i just stop by here :) you always bring joy to my heart... happy days, john.

Catra said...

Hey dp-

Thanks for the great email.
know it's a little nutty but I say if you don't try it you won't know, about if you can run a 50k on the Master cleanse. I proved you can and my energy was fine.

I have no regrets about HURT 100m and only running the 100k. Once again how would I know unless I tried taking the antibiotic Levaquin if it would work for me. It was an experiment and it didn't work. No more antibiotics. ;)
Thanks for the compliments too.

You can do anything you want that's what I believe. If you want to run an Ultra then you can!
Positive thinking is the key and it will take you where ever you want to go,
Have a nice night.

Catra said...

Hey Paula thanks!
I love the new tat too.
Does your body reject the ink???
I have been lucky with the artist that work on me they choose whatever colors they want most of the time.

GB said...

Catra your back is amazing looking! Hopefully the CrossFit pull ups and push ups I've been suffering through will get me a back like yours someday!

Feminist Runner said...

The colors on that are amazing! I love the new tattoo, totally gorgeous.

Flatman said...

Man, that is a very cool tattoo!

Anonymous said...

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