Sunday, January 14, 2007

Life doesn't always go as planned.
Niether me or my friend Darren here thought we would take the 100k option at HURT.

I felt good the first loop on the second loop I didn't feel right. I knew I might have issues during the race because I was taking a antibiotic called Levaquin. I was given this to help so I don't get a bladder infection in my 100 mile races.
There is a list of side effects and I think I experienced most of them. All my joints were so sore I could hardley run. I knew in my heart there was no way I could go another 40 miles. I would of never finished in time because I couldn't run fast enough.
This picture was taken at mile 60 me and Darren were getting ready to head out on the 2 mile loop to finish the 100k.
Yes I was positive the whole time even if I wasn't going to finish the 100 miler.
I love this race and will be back again.
I have run the 100 miler 6 times so I am ok with running the 100k race this year.
When I get back I will have to talk to my Doctor to see if there is another antibiotic I can take.
Hey the good thing is I didn't get a bladder infection :)
I really would of rather put up with, the bladder infection then experiancing the low energy, and joint pain, and neck pain and low energy.
Hey everything happens for a reason.
Friends don't be bummed because I did run the 100 miles. I'm not! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Congrat Cat' for your 100K
you are a great runner when you know when you stop!!!
love ya

Catra said...

Hey Ju-
I like that they have an option so you still get race credit for running 100k. We also got a nice belt buckle I already have them from the HURT 100 miler now I have one for the HURT 100k :)
Love ya,

Geoff said...

congratulations on 100k. i really admire your positive perspective on it. it's so important to be able to make the best of whatever gets thrown at us and i can tell from the couple weeks that i've been following your blog that you do that as well as anyone. great job, and enjoy the rest of your time in hawaii.

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Great job on your 100K and you look fresh with two miles to go! It seems that you have got the best of the run. Congratulations!

Just came back from Ohlone wilderness. It was chilly and windy there.

Chihping said...


Great to see you smiling, I am glad you took care of yourself... soak in the sun and the surf before heading back home...


GB said...

Way to go on the Hawaii 100. You did all you could and that's great! Even better is your positive attitude! There's plenty of ultras waiting for you, but it's time to stay healthy. I grew up in Fremont and used to run Mission Peak too, but never Ultra type mileage. I miss it there. I'm living in the Central Valley now and it's just not the same. You have a great website and you are a great athlete! I added your blog link to my blog, I hope that's okay. Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your stay in the islands.

Anonymous said...

We have all learned in ultra running that some days are great, some are not. I love your attitude, Catra! Curious - how often have you suffered bladder infections in 100's? I'm in the medical field, so this type of thing is interesting to me.

sr in tx

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,

I don't know if you saw this on the ultralist recently, but it directly relates to the antibiotic you were prescribed. This is a response to someone who wondered about running while on Levaquin:


Stop running, or trying to run, for at least 2 weeks. And be careful
even walking. Swimming (without kicking) is about the only
cardiovascular exercise you can do safely for 2 weeks. Levaquin is
one of the relatively new antibiotics in the "quinalone" family.
Almost 2 years ago my wife was prescribed one of these (not Levaquin,
but another closely related one) for flu-like symptoms. After a few
days of rest, she went out for a short, easy run at a local park.
She made it about 100 yards and was stopped cold by a sharp pain in
her calf. She had to limp back to her car. She had the presence of
mind to correlate the experience with taking the antibiotic, so she
read the "fine print" which pointed out the remote possibility of
such symptoms. Then she researched this phenomenon on the web. Her
research confirmed her suspicion that the calf pain was directly
related to the antibiotic. Then she went back to the doctor who
prescribed it, who also confirmed it. She then became just another
"anecdotal" piece of evidence. Apparently, how or why the
"quinalones" sometimes cause this extreme tendon pathology remains a
medical mystery. It is also uncertain how to tell for sure how long
after ingesting the antibiotic the tendons remain susceptibly
weakened. Two weeks seems to be the minimum "safety" period, but in
some cases it can be more than a month....... Wait, I ain't finished
yet. A few months ago I was prescribed Levaquin for a bad case of
sinusitis. I was pretty sick, so I did no exercise for about 5
days. Then, on the 6th day, I went out for a 3-mile jog with my
wife. After barely a mile I experienced sudden, very sharp pain in
my right calf. It felt like I had just been shot. Within a few
strides I was reduced to walking. Within a few more strides I
couldn't walk a single further step. My wife had to run back home
and come pick me up with the car. In both of our cases the pathology
turned out to be tendonous--the very top of the achilles where it
merges into the gastrocnemius muscle. I went back to my doctor, and
he acknowledged that he was aware of the tendon pathology
possibility, but that it wasn't statistically significant enough for
him not to have prescribed it. But then I told him about my wife's
experience of the previous year, and his eyes opened wide. We had
presented him with what you might call "anecdotally significant"
evidence. He told us he was going to write up our coincidental
stories, and that he suspects the probability of the tendon pathology
for active athletes may actually be much higher. He said he would
stop prescribing quinalones for patients who he knows are active
athletes. Be really careful for a few weeks, and don't take any more
quinalones as long as you remain active.

-Dan Brannen

Stay safe out there.

christine said...

way to go Catra. you are an amazing athlete and know your body better than anyone. glad to hear you took care of yourself out there. do enjoy the rest of your stay and soak up the local vibe while you can. i love hawaii.
aloha and mahalo!!

Anonymous said...

Job well done!

Feminist Runner said...

Nice job, Catra! A cool new belt buckle and healthy bladder to boot!

Ultra Okie said...

way to go Catra!! You are one awesome runner. sorry your race didn't go exactly as you planned, but as you always do, you stay positive and find the silver lining.

too cool girlfriend.

Mike said...

Congrats on finishing the 100K while experiencing those side effects.
It's amazing how great you and Darren look even though you had already pushed thru 60 miles when that pic was taken!

Bob Gentile said...

GRRR dam Doctor's messing with my Catra and her RUNS...hmm I prescribe not using Dr's :-)

ok i am kidding but not a fan of them, too much trial and error (nothing personal to sr in tx post)



squirrel_nutz said...


You may be one of the very few who can use the words "only" and "100K" in the same sentence. ;-)

Ho'omaika'i 'ana! (Congratulations)

See ya around.

Debbie said...

In celebration of your achievement:

Yeahhhh Catra! - Deb

Jack said...

I love your positive attitude, you're a winner!

Caren said...

You are truly amazing...can't believe you ran 100K experiencing those side effects. Great attitude and awesome athlete.

runrgrrl7 said...

CONGRATULATIONS! To my favorite kukini:) Enjoy the rest of your time there in Hawaii. Takecare!


flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...

Sending peace and love, in oodles and oodles. You'll always be my hero! happy days, john :)

scorpions69 said...

Health comes first! Wise option! Congrat many times!

OCRunnerGirl said...

Congratulations on your 100k finish. And to finish strong while dealing with the side effects shows what an amazing athlete you are. Way to go!

Anonymous said...


you are my heroine! i've always wanted to run in the same race with you and i'm disappointed you're not coming out to MMT this year. maybe i'll see you at some western run one day!

--anonymous male VHTRC admirer

Anonymous said...

Strongly suggest you log unto www and read the 4000 plus medical journal entries that document the horrendous damage done to people who took levaquin as well as the quinolone adverse drug reaction forum hosted by yahoo. (over 1500 members who have been crippled for life)

Spontaneous tendon rupture is the NUMBER ONE adverse reaction to levaquin. Together with liver damage and irreversible peripherial neuropathy.

Health Canada is investigating numerous deaths associated with it's use due to liver failure and multiple organ failure and the Attorney General of the State of Illinois together with Public Citizen have filed a petition with the FDA regarding the severe and permanent adverse reactions associated with levaquin in 2004 and 2005.

Honestly your lucky these drugs did not kill you.

They are drugs of last resort when nothing else will work. They sure as hell are not to be used to prevent a bladder infection.

If you blow a tendon in the next couple of years you can plan on suing your doctor for malpractice.

You are now at risk for the next two years or so of a spontaneous tendon rupture. Particulary the Achilles and the ones in your shoulders.

Catra said...

Hey Anon-
Thanks for the info. and web-site.
I am now totally in shock that I was given this.
I was given cipro by my doctor in June after I was in the hospital. I took it for 5 days than off for a couple weeks and the infection came back and than 5 more days.
The doctor who gave me me the Levaquin knew I ran ultras and knew I would only be taken 1 pill before each 100 mile race.
After reading all these reports of injuries and deaths I'm in TOTAL SHOCK!!!
I can't believe I was given these antibiotics like they were no big deal.
I'm super upset.
Thanks for sending me the link.

Lora said...

Have you ever tried to drink cranberry juice during these runs? I think the cranberry even comes in a pill form.

Amazing job on the 100k! Congrats!

Catra said...

hey lora-
I have tried everything natural. I work in Nutrition at Whole foods Market. I know all the natural way.
I have tried it all.
I have 100% pure cranberry juice in all my drops and I drink it everyday and all day before the race.
I've been suffer since 2002 with bladder infections.
I will go back to the natural stuff and try a few more different combinations.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's all the body paint that's causing the malaise

Catra said...

hey Anon-
I'm sure we will run a race together some day. I'm not rich so I can't run all over the USA. One day I hope to be though.
I will be gone for three months on the Pacific crest trail 2,700 miles. I won't be working so I have to budget. :(
Next year I'll run MMT 100 again.

Catra said...

hey Anon-
I'm sure we will run a race together some day. I'm not rich so I can't run all over the USA. One day I hope to be though.
I will be gone for three months on the Pacific crest trail 2,700 miles. I won't be working so I have to budget. :(
Next year I'll run MMT 100 again.