Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm on day 4 of the master cleanse.
I can really feel all the toxins being released,
from using the antibiotics. I have a bit more
energy today, so thats good. I have been sleeping a lot,
and doing my crossfit workout at home.
Ran only 5 miles. I will see how today goes.
If my energy returns I will go to crossfit and run 10 miles
tomorrow. For now I'm just taking it day to day.
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olga said...

For now I'm just taking it day to day.

And isn't it the best way? Not always followed, but surely suggested:) Besides, your body will thank you for a little rest - both inside and out.

Are you going to RR?

squirrel_nutz said...


Thanks for the invite to the FA50K, appreciate it, unfortunately I am away this weekend. Hope it goes well for everyone, and that you are feeling better soon.

See ya around.

Will G.

Caleb said...

That's the way I roll, day to day. The rest will do you good!!!!

Catra said...

Hey olga-

Thanks I will take it day to day.
Yes, I'm running Rocky Raccoon 100 with Xy Weiss it should be fun.

Catra said...

Hey Will-

Maybe after I get back from Rocky Raccoon 100 miler we can run from Fremont into Sunol 20 miles. This way you will see where the Ohlone 50k course goes.
You will be fine going 20 miles I'm super slow. It takes me 5 1/2 hours to run it.
Have fun this weekend..


Catra said...

Hey Caleb-
Thanks for the words . You're right.

Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra,

well, i am officially dropping out of the Rocky 100. I just have not trained and it would be a wasted effort. Seems I have been really depressed for awhile and can't seem to shake it. Sorry I won't get to see you,but maybe later this year, if i get back to running, our race schedules will cross.

Take care,

Catra said...


I'm so sorry you won't be there :(

Hey maybe try the master cleanse if you're depressed. It will help.
From time to time I too get depressed. I try to self help books and take natural suppliments like 5HTP& SAME you can get these at any health food store.

Big hugs to you!