Monday, January 01, 2007

Me getting ready to head out.....
I love a bargin, dress cost me $11 dollars shoes $19.
Why pay $100's of dollars when you can get a cool look for $30 dollars.
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Bob Gentile said...

Happy 2007' Catra CONGRATS on an amazing 06'

... $11 dress LOOKS great on U...I found a lot of great deals the past few months on running gear... I never pay retail for anything...too many sales IF YOU LOOK for them!! My MOM taught me well on finding deals--lol

that dress costs less then your energy drinks & gels during a long run huh--lol

Be Safe!!


olga said...

Well, anything on you would like like hudreds dollar stuff:)
Rock on!

Ultra Okie said...

You can make anything look like a million dollars.

Shari Baby said...

Looking good mamma

Joan Messick said...

Great dress and more importantly it looks great on you! Like you i've found great stuff at cheap prices


Chris said...

Happy New Year, Catra!
These 5000-miles-legs look awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are one beautiful woman. You are hot!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one beautiful woman!!! You are hot!!!