Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 10 of the Master Cleanse. I did It!
I feel so good! My Mind feels clear, and my body feels clean.
Day 11 and 12 I get to have fresh squeezed OJ. On day 13 in the afternoon my first solid food a raw salad. I'm looking forward to that.
I made two different types Of raw treats and I had no desire to eat them.
I'm saving those for Friday and to put in my drop bags at Rocky Raccoon.
I'm runn'n late so gotta get to work.
Enjoy the cleanse to those who are starting today. Please feel free to email me.
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JeffO said...

So if I do the MC, I'll end up with a girlish figure?!

I can see how you would certainly get enough vitamin C during MC, but what about other vitamins and minerals? Seems like you'd get anemic. Do you take vitamin supplements? Of course, many vitamins don't metabolize correctly without other food.

My Picasso said...

Red Hot Momma!
Not only are you feeling great after the MC but you are looking usual!
I've got to do the MC...I know I need it & I know the results will be there but I haven't gotten off my lazy booty to do it. :-(


Flatman said...

Glad you are feeling so good! Congratulations on making it through it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about how much weight you lost as a result of doing the cleanse?
I'm thinking of doing it myself. I ordered the book yesterday.
Thanks for the inspiration as always.

Ultra Okie said...

You are looking great Catra! Wish I were going to be at Rocky to see you in person. Still have not done any running to speak of, but joined up with a marathon training group, so hopefully that will provide a little inspiration. Of course, if by some freak of nature I should get into Badwater, that will provide some inspiration!


Catra said...

HetY jeffo-

That's right you'll end up with a girlish figure..LOL!

The mapel syurp has most of the b vitamins + minerals.
No I didn't get anemic. I have never been anemic being a vegan some people do.

No you are not allowed anything but the lemonade the slt water flush in the am, and the tea at night. You are also allowed peppermint tea if you want. I didn't drink it.
Oh, and all the water you want.

Catra said...

Just do it take the first step. You will be happy you did.

Catra said...

Thanks Flatman

Catra said...

Hey C-
I'm glad I can inspire. Thanks.

I lost 10 pounds and many inches.
Today I just had OJ. My body is in shock. I need to just sip a little at a time. I was going to the bathroom all day..
Good luck doing it again.
I think I should go 20 days.

After Rocky Raccoon I'm going to do a 20 day MC. Still feel a little toxic.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
Thanks! Wish you were running RR100.
I hope you get into Badwater ;)

JeffO said...

Okay, Catra, if you go 20 days then you're an ultra-cleanser!

I'll be lucky to do two full days, but it would still do me some good. The process is more complex than it looks. Looks like the book shouldn't be optional.

Anonymous said...

Catra, I'd worry about losing muscle mass if you do it for 20 days (your beautiful 5000 mile legs!!). From the recipe you posted, it doesn't sound like you're getting much if any protein while cleansing. As someone who struggles with disordered eating, just hoping you take care of yourself.


Catra said...

Hey Molly-

Thanks for the post. I still work out so I'm keeping my muscles strong.

I've been doing cleanse for years. I do minimum 4 a year.
This one is bay far the best. You just have to be strict.
Thanks Molly, I will promise to take care of myself :)

Karrun said...

Catra, you are so inspiring! I'm going to start the Cleanse after Rocky - I'm working an aid station and pacing. I bought Grade A Maple Syrup by mistake - what's the difference between that and grade B?

RunBubbaRun said...

Congrats on completing your MC, that is a tough regiment on its own. You got me curious about it thou.

Look forward to seeing pics from the rocky raccoon.

a.k.a.Moogy said...

Wow! I did the cleanse for five days. The first three were the worst and then I felt much better near the end. Helped in a bunch of areas but especially helping me cut down on my drinking.
I'll seya this weekend at Rocky Raccoon. I'm a volunteer. Slacking until old Pueblo. ;)
hasta and safe travels. Should be quite chilly Sat.

a.k.a.Moogy said...

Wow! I did the cleanse for five days. The first three were the worst and then I felt much better near the end. Helped in a bunch of areas but especially helping me cut down on my drinking.
I'll seya this weekend at Rocky Raccoon. I'm a volunteer. Slacking until old Pueblo. ;)
hasta and safe travels. Should be quite chilly Sat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra
You are a real inspiration to me. I love reading your blog. I was wondering about the cleanse. Did the salt water flushes work the way they say (within 1-1 1/2) hours? I go to the gym in the morning (with not much extra time)and was wondering if the "flushing" is very disruptive to your normal routine?
Thanks! And keep up the good work!

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...


I don't know much about MC, but I try to imagine it because it seems also popular in my country Taiwan.

But you look awesome! This should make you a great year. Wish you blast and enjoy in RR100.


Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra,

I am starting the MC today. Do you think it would be ok if I drank some organic coffee each day? Just had my first lemonade and it was actually very good.

When are you leaving for Rocky?

Take care,

willgotthardt said...


Surprised you are so strongly advocating what is essentially a starvation diet???

Will G.

Catra said...

That's not what it is at all.
It helps to cleanse you system and gets you thinking about making better food choices after the cleanse is over.
Read the book and let me know if you still feel the same.
I'm a vegan and people are always saying you're not getting enough.
I am!
There will always be people who don't understand, or care about eating healthy and doing something good for there body. Like taking a break from food.
P.S sorry you feel what I am promoting is a "starvation diet"
I don't agree with you!

willgotthardt said...

I've never taken any issue with you being a vegan, that's your choice...but you are now publicly suggesting to just about everyone who shows up here that a 10-day starvation (call it what you want) is the right option for them. As for it being in a book, I would argue that the fad diet shelf at Barnes & Noble is well stocked.

What happens after the ten days (regarding the weight loss)?

What 'toxins' (exactly) are you referring to?

Will G.

Catra said...

Hey Will-
The cleans first proved itself in healing stomach ulcers over 40 years ago.
Lemons & limes are the richest sourse of minerals and vitimins of any food or foods known to man.
This is taken from the book by Stanley Burroughs.
Yes, the lemonade diet is a reducing diet but many disorders are cleared up at the same time.
All I know I was suffering and was tired all the time. It stared in December after I took my first pill of Levaquin.
I could hardly funtion.
I went to Hawaii and after HURT it got worse when I took the next Levaquin.
I cleanse at least 4 times a year.
I feel better after a cleanse.
When i came home after my trip to Hawawii I was sleeping 9 and 10 hours a day something I never do.
I'm good on 6 or 7.
By day 4 of the cleanse I felt alive again for the first time in a couple months.
I just know it worked for me. I didn't do it as a weight lose program but it will help those trying to jump start one.

I am a believe you should try something be for you form an opinion on something.

The purpose of the cleanse is to eliminate and dissolve toxins that have formed. Cleanse the kitneys and digestive system.
Purify the glands and cells.
Eliminate unusable waste and harden material in the joints and muscles.
Relive pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries and blood vessels.
Built a healthy blood stream.

I had a friend last year try it, he to didn't agree with it.
He's a Doctor in L.A and road & trail bike racer.
He read into and decided to try it. He was impressed.
I'm no doctor. But I know the cleanse worked for me many times.
It's not a fad we have sold the book for 7 years at Whole Foods.
I don't even know if B&N carries it.
Have a great night.

Anonymous said...


i'm curious what you're using on long runs when you're on the cleanse. do you bring the lemonade drink? do you take any electrolytes? just curious... i'm thinking about starting the cleanse during the taper for my next 50k.

Catra said...

Hey Anon-

I pre make the lemonade drink and put it in flasks and just add it to my water bottle.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I stumbled onto your BLOG! I love unique people who dare to be themselves, and you definately qualify! :)

And while I am no ultra-marathoner (I did get as far as a marathon and a bunch of halves and a 1/2 ironman triathlon, but after 1/2 a dozen knee surgeries, including two ACL reconstructions, I have been ordered by my physio to keep all my runs under 5km so have switched to mountain biking) I am training for a pretty grueling 67km mountain bike race with some HUGE elevations and technical singletrack called The Test of Metal.

So... besides the fact that every one of your photos makes me smile - you're so beautiful and full of life! - talking about the Master Cleanse is very interesting for me right now as I am on DAY 5 of the cleanse myself. And after reading through the comments from others, I want to reinforce what you have already said, that this is no starvation diet. At 6' 2" and 220lbs I'm a fairly big man; it's safe to say I don't eat like a bird! LOL! And while the first day was the toughest for me - I kept going to the fridge and openeing it, only to have to 'check' myself and close it again (you wouldn't believe how many food commercials are on TV!!!), it has gotten much easier as the days go on.

So far I have not had to cut back on the intensity or regularity of my training, which I'm glad about! I figure I am getting at least 1000 calories a day from the maple syrup in my lemonade (about 120 ounces a day), which is obviously enough. I have my long ride (of a few hours) coming up on the weekend and was just planning on stocking my camelbak with my lemonade, probably cutting back on the cayenne for this mix, and hoping this would suffice energy-wise. I think it will. Did you have to alter your training at all while cleansing?

I'd like to add as well that I did not do the MC to lose weight - and I think that this is where many get mislead about it. While losing weight is an added bonus (if you have the weight to lose) I did it to clean myself out! I'm 42 years old and have been storing up all kinda of toxins in crap in my body for over 40 years. I never used to be allergic to anything, but now many types of beers (except for the most pure, unpasturized and no added preservative varieties) and many types of wines cause my nose to completely stuff up like I'm having some kind of allergic reaction. This ins't supposed to happen. Also, I have had problems with my sinus's for a few years now, and the steroidal spray that the doctor gave me only seemed to make my throat sore, which as a singer doesn't help. The MC is supposed to clean out all the old mucous - and along with it the toxins - from your system, and so I thought I'd subject myself to a 10 day experiment to see if it works! I have to say that so fer so good as I haven't needed any sinus meds at all, and my head is feeling "clearer" than I can ever remember it feeling. So far I've also dropped 7lbs and 1.5% bofy fat, but as I said... that's just a bonus for me because I am already so svelte! Haha!

Okay... gotta go!!! I drank a liter of salt water 45 minutes ago and, well... you know!

Keep posting! Arne from BC, Canada

Catra said...

Hey Arne-

Thanks for the post. That's awesome you seem to be doing well on the MC.
I was tired the first few days of my cleanse becaouse of all the toxins from the antibiotics I had been taking. I felt how I felt on them so I believe they were being relesed. My kidneys also hurt really bad the first three days.
By day 8 I ran a 50k race.
I still feel great and have gained back a few pounds. I really didn't need to lose weight. I got down to 105 and now I'm a healthy 108.

Keep up the great work.

Good luck with your upcoming bike race.

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Thanks for responding! Ya, an added benefit is that the weight is still dropping. I started at 227 (the day of my earlier post I was 220) and this morning I weighed in at 216.

My kidneys hurt a bit yesterday morning too... that was weird! But I went and taught my cycle class at the gym and felt great, energy-wise. I sweat buckets, but that didn't surprise me as I'm super-hydrated at the moment.

My tongue is still kinda yellowish (not as bad as the first few days, but still there), which I am taking to understand that my body is still 'processing' and getting rid of toxins, and that when I'm clean my tongue will go pink again. I guess that if after 10 days my tongue isn't pink yet, I should keep going.

Thanks again... cheers!