Friday, February 29, 2008

Seduce my mind and you can have my body,
Find my soul and I'm yours forever.
~ by Anonymous ~

My love for you is a journey;
Starting at forever,
And ending at never.
~ by Anonymous ~

My life has some how become so much more amazing. As you all know I have been in Sierra Madre a lot. Why?? Well because of Andy.
I wasn't looking for love but somehow it found me and hit me on the head and made me think. I have thought I have been in love before many times. But was I??/ I don't think so.
These feeling I have now are feelings I have never had. I have never been sad when I am away from a BF. Infact most of the time I'm happy not to see them everyday. Even when I was married I was happy when my husband was gone so I could run and not have anyone to answer to.
With Andy I'm so sad when I'm not with him. He is the same way. We both cried at he airport when I was leaving knowing it would be 14 days before we could hold each other again.
I didn't know love could hurt. Is it suppose to be like this. Missing someone so much it hurts, has anyone else experienced this???
Andy and I have so muchin commen together, we love going to clubs and hanging out. We love to go out to eat,he's so sweet he has taken me to so many vegan restaurants and he's not even a vegan. We have gone to the beach, movies and even got tattooed together.
We finally ran together for the first time last week. I run when he's at work, but we have never run together. We think it's funny because our relationship wasn't based on running. All my others were, that's what I did ran and who ever I dated ran with me. If it wasn't for ultrarunning though Andy and I would of never met. If i didn't have issues at HURT 100 , only ended up running the 100k me and Andy would of never talked. It was out on the trail with Kimmy that I asked about Andy and she told him I liked him. The universe brought us together at the right time. That's what I believe.
Andy is an amazing ultrarunner he has run 19 100's and many other ultras. We will be running our first race together in a couple weeks a 50k. We will also be running Leona divide 50m, I just hope to keep up with him. I at least know I can kick his butt in a hundred because I usually pass him the last 5 miles.

It's funny to say but with Andy in my life it feels complete for the first time ever.
We live life and love life together. He's my sunshine and I'm his funshine.

Have a beautiful day!


Judi said...

Congrats Catra. Love is bliss. You sound the way I felt when I met my Dominic 6 months ago.

I sure wish you'd write me back sometimes!

Catra said...

Hey Judi-
I'm so sorry. You are amazing x-junkie turned badass. I love it!!!!
As you can see I've been busy. I am also have computer issues. Andy will fix my computer next time I see him.
Do you and Dominic still have those amazing feelings???
I hope you have a great weekend. I'm heading to Napa to work the marathon expo.
I love your story, you are amazing.

Jane said...

Love is good. You said it perfectly. It hurts when he's not around...

Judi said...

Catra, yea you answered me! I love your story too girlie. :)

Yes, Dominic and I still have those feelings and we know we can't be without each other. We are just identical, both x drug users addicted to cycling and running now. We are a perfect match. Hard to find someone like me in boring Ohio.

I hope your computer gets fixed soon, so you can be with Andy again too.

I wish you the best with Andy and hope you guys have a fantastic run in a few weeks.

You are an amazing woman too, glad I found ya.


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Congrats, I'm happy for you! Is he going to be on the trail with you later this year when you go for the PCT speed record??? Only 2+ months to go until the new PCT wave starts heading north... how time flies!


Jessica DeLine said...

Catra - Glad things are going so well! I know what you mean about missing someone so much it hurts. Nickie and I are in a long distance relationship too (technically) though not as long distance as yours. We've both been there and felt that with the pain when we can't see each other for a while. Real love can hurt - in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Morgan & I have been together for over 14 years and married 13 and we STILL have those amazing feelings, its like the first day..everyday.Embrace it and enjoy in its beauty.I am so happy for you.... *hugs*

Auggie's mom said...

Congrats Cat, only a person who can keep up with you would be the right one. I wish you all the best, enjoy it!

P.S. Was by Mission Peak Thursday night, thought of you!

E-Speed said...

So happy for you. I was wondering when more and more photos of Andy cropped up. Luck him and lucky you!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now (I switched over to this one from your PCT adventure). I have enjoyed all your posts. I have recently gotten into running and am training for my second half marathon (that seems so small compared to what you run!) and you are such an inspiration. Anyway, this post made me so happy for you. I got married last May and my husband is in Australia for work for 2.5 weeks now and its horrible. I miss him so much. I know how you feel. Congrats on finding such a great guy!

mindful mule said...

sweet sweet running love...

Azkaholic Anonymous said...

you are super coolest!

jaltevers said...

Congrats girl, that is awesome. I've been with my wife for 16 years now (married for 15) and I know I couldn't live without her. We're the proud parents of twin 7 year old girls and a one year boy and all of them are the love of my life, without her and them I'd never be complete. I run, ride, and train so that I can keep up with them and be a good role model to 'em, my wife included. Thanks for the uplifting posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
This is Aaron
Long time no see, but I see you said you have a 50K in a few weeks.

Are you going to be doing Pirates Cove?
If so, I'll see you there.
I'm glad to see the changes in your life have been so rewarding.

Take care until then.

Catra said...

Hi Jane-
Thanks for the post.

Catra said...

Hey Judi-
I'm so happy you found love where you live. It's hard to find a guy who can understand and love a strong independent woman.
And Andy loves everything about me :)

Catra said...

Hi Jay-
I'm still undecided about doing the PCT. Well the whole thing. If I can't do the record, if there's to much snow I will start in June and just go to Angeles forest stop go run a hundred mile race in Wyoming. The do a triple on the JMT take a couple weeks off and go finish the last 700 miles which I missed last year. This way I know that last 700 when I go for the speed record again.

Catra said...

Hey Jessica-
I think you and nickie make a cute couple you both have great energy.
I'm sure at some point I will be in Sierra Madre for good ;)
Hope all is well.

Catra said...

Hi Michelle that's good to know. WOW you guys have been together along time. that is awesome.
Hope to see you soon.

Catra said...

Hey Michelle(auggies mom)
Hey you were on Mission peak! Who were you with???
Let me know when you can run and we need to get together.
I hope life is good.
I'm getting my level 1 crossfit cert. this month.

Catra said...

Hey espeed.
Yeah, I figured people would get a clue because I kept mentioning his name ;)
He is awesome and we are perfect together.

Olga said...

Catra, this are the sweetest words I ever heard you say about a man, really, and it says a lot. I think these words are as sweet as yours about trail running - and this says even more. I am so truly happy for you guys, both of you, unbelievable feeling, may it last and last, as your love for nature...Cheers to Andy!

Anonymous said...

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