Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
Who am I??? I often ask myself who am I??? My answer I'm Catra a girl with many labels...Most of all I'm a runner and crossfit junkie. I could add to that all day but it's safe to say I love running and I love crossfit, together they build the foundation of the athelete that I am. This week I was lucky enough to be part of the crossfit running and endurance cert. It's new for crossfit. Brian MacKenzie of Newport Beach and Mike Collins came up with the program to help runners run better and become more efficent. Brian is a fellow ultra runner and has trained using the pose technique that's what we learned. He has run 3 100's on very low milage. The longest run he did for AC 100 was 13 miles. He did harder crossfit wods and worked on crossfit instead of just focusing on running all the time. It worked for him.
I learned so much we did lot's of drills, and worked on the technique. they video taped us both days ,and it was amazing how much my running changed the next day and how easier it was to run fast.
I know it can't change over night but I am working on it, and using a tempo trainer for staying in a running cadence of 90-100.
I feel like running is new again.

We did WODS both days we did Helen on Saturday and a tabata run/push-press. I learned so much at the cert. and am looking forward to learning so much more about pose. I am planning to come back in a month and have Brian MacKenzie train me for two weeks. He wants to see me cut my running in half and focus on proper running and my crossfit WODS. I'm looking forward to getting my next cert. in March, that one will be the crossfit level 1 trainer.

Eric LeClair of Monrovia Crossfit/Fitness boot camp
Rookie of Newport Beach crossfit. He has run 3 ultras in less then a year of running and plans on running a hundred miler this year.
Brain & Melissa MacKenzie of NewPort Crossfit. Thanks guys for putting on the cert. I really enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Catra.

Will this mean you will be taking on some people to rrain? if so I may tkae advantage of that.

I would love to learn a better running technique, and work on what I need to fix.

Anyway I think you are going to Kat von D's Musink so rock out and have a blast for me too!!

Jane said...

Holy shit! You look strong! both mentally and physically!

Jenny said...

Hey, Catra!

I wanted to invite you to come join the BlogHerAds network. Your blog is totally inspiring, and we'd love to have you in the network.

You can see who we are and what we do here: and I'd be delighted to answer any questions you might have - jenny at blogher dot com

Anonymous said...


A big'ole how ya doin' from Texas...jlynnbob here. I just got around to reading your blog following your 3rd successful RR100 and wanted to say thanks for the good words! I'll be out there next year and ready to give you another killer massage, guaranteed to last at least 20 miles!

See ya on the trails,
Lynn B

Bev said...

Thanks for the turning me on to Crossfit. I can't wait to get more into it. You look awesome! I'd like to have a body like that by this time next year.