Monday, January 08, 2007

Catra & Rocky

Me & rocky after a 6 miler. He was a little worked.
He loves to run! He's the only reason I taper.
If it wasn't for him I would go out and run longer before my 100's,
which isn't very smart.
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Anonymous said...


Good luck to you at HURT. How many finishes is this for you now?

sr in tx

Running Man said...

Hey Catra,
I'm going to be in Palo Alto next week. Need to run about twenty miles, do you have any info on the trail situation out there? Thanks. Remember, Rocky miles don't count, I know he's short roping you.

squirrel_nutz said...

Pomaika`i Catra-

Before you go, hoping you can clear something up for me regarding the Ohlone 50K course...

Just after the set of switchbacks that mark the beginning of Horse Heaven, does the course take a left (at the marker pole) up the steep single track, or does it go straight ahead past the pole and eventually connect back with the steep trail (prior to the little gate that always is a PITA to open)? Thanks, hope that makes sense.

See ya around.

Mike said...

Hey Catra-clismic ; )

You're a badass ! Love the blog.


olga said...

Hey, doll, glad somebody can handle holding you back:)
Rock on, Catra, 6th year at HURT that never hurts you!
Gosh, I am a good way. When are you leaving for PCT, May?

Catra said...

Hey SR in Texas thanks. I'm going for #7.

Catra said...

Hey running man-
I dont know the trails around here. I live in Fremont. You should head to Fremont 30 min. away and run Mission Peak.
It's great training. There is a trail map and the parking area or just google Mission Peak.
If I was around I'd run with U
Wait When will you be here?? I will be back Tuesday night.

Catra said...

Hey SN-
I think I know what you are taking about. Go stright. It use to be the HH trail. But two years ago we did trail maintance and made the steep one going to the right and added the sign, It's not the offical 50k race course. My way straight ahead way is.
The gate isn't a big deal just lift the little latch.

Catra said...

Hey Mike, thank you for calling me Badass I love that word ;)

Catra said...

Hi Olga-

We will start on May 21-24. I have to figure the exact date
Rocky Rocks!

Anonymous said...

hey Catra,

glad you had a good run with the dog.

running man,

try and look for "mission peak", "sunol", and "ohlone wilderness" for Catra's trails if you want to drive over to fremont. you could also try the 50k/50mi race they put on in may is in san jose which is also near by palo alto, they have maps on their web site.


squirrel_nutz said...

"But two years ago we did trail maintance and made the steep one going to the right and added the sign, It's not the offical 50k race course".

Did you maybe mean left???

Mahalo for your previous Hua loa’a.

Debbie said...

Rocky's a cute lil dude :0

Catra said...

Hey SN-
Oops I mean left...I better get to bed.
Good night!

squirrel_nutz said...

Excellent...thanks again.

Aloha auinapo!

Gregg Lynn said...

Good luck at HURT. Cute pic