Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is what I saw coming off the peak at 3:15.
Rays of light shining through the clouds can only mean one thing! There is a ray of hope to always be happy and positive in my life. When I see signs like this I try to understand the meaning behind it.  Posted by Picasa


christine said...

happy new year catra! i thought about you yesterday during my 6 miler in strawberry canyon...."impossible things" by the cure was the inspiration for yesterdays run.

Anonymous said...

neat! happy new year.


p.s. i emailed your yahoo acct

Anonymous said...

That picture is absolutely incredible.

Chris said...

Great picture. What kind of camera do you take running with you?

Catra said...

hey chris-
I have a sony cyber shot dsw. It was 2004 model. I'm going to buy a new one. I drop mine all the time it has held up very well. I have had to send it in 2 times once because I cracked the screen and once because it got soaked in the rain.
I will get the latest version of the cyber shot.