Friday, December 29, 2006

I had this nightmare, and when I woke up I realized I owned a PT cruiser not a Dodge Nitro!
Lucky for me it was just a dream. The Nito is getting some special coating applied so this what I'm driving until tomorrow. It's just not the same as driving the Nitro.
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squirrel_nutz said...

They got ya for the 'special coating', huh?


Anonymous said...

yeah for sure Nitro is better!!!!!
more phat, more confortable, more beautiful
more SeXy...;-)

Jessica Deline said...

LOL.. thanks for the humor :)

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Glad to see you still have the nitro in your life.

Say, if you get some time do you think you could share some advice or a link?

What you think training should look like for the new ultra runner that has done a 100, but is still not set in his training ways. (Also will not be planning on 4 100's in a month ;-) LOL