Sunday, December 10, 2006

I love the rain!
People often ask me "do you run when it rains"?
I think why wouldn't I? I'm not going to melt! I know some people just don't understand. Just because the weather is bad they think you should stay inside.
That's when I come alive. My runs on bad weather days always have more meaning. I know than I'm not like everyone else.
I am determind and dedicated to my running.
I give thanks that I can run, so bad weather won't stop me. I just dress for the weather and head out and have fun.
It's the kid inside that truly love these days. Running, and jumping in the puddles and the mud.
Friends don't let the weather stop ya. Get out and live.

Count down to the 42 hour b-day run..tick..tick...tick..tick...Let me know if you wanna come out and play Friday night or Saturday.
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olga said...

Aw, Catra, I wish...but you make sure to post lots of pictures!
Too bad snowboarding wasn't happening, I'll check back in 2 weeks:)
And rain...when else would I run living in PNW??!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love your motivation to run in the of luck on the 42 birthday run.

One question I've been meaning to ask...with all of those miles, how much, if any, do you stretch?

Run long,


Whitney said...

I LOVE running in the ran! I hate running in the rain if I bring my CD player out though lol! Then it doesn't work ;) The joy's of an MP3 player!

Much Love,

Shari Baby said...

I love runningin the rain too Cat!! In fact, I can't wait to run tomorrow in the rain hopefully!!

Travis said...

I agree. Running when the weather is "not ideal" is the best time to run. When people ask me about it I always say "If you wait for perfect weather, you'll never do anything."

Feminist Runner said...

Running in shitty weather is the best! It's great to remember that we live in a world with ups and downs and that the outdoors is meant for both. If the weather were perfect all the time we'd either (a) live in a real crowded San Diego or (b) forget what good weather is!

JeffO said...

My fair-weather friends always freak when I do stuff in "inclement" weather (I don't like to say "bad" weather - it's just "different").
Hey, if you only run when the weather is calm, then you're not really "outdoors", are you?!

Debbie said...

Well, living in Holland makes it necessary to run in the rain. And coming from Vegas, it was quite a change. But I've really learned to love it and appreciate it... you get those moments where it''s just wild, the wind whipping, and it feels so primal.

I don't drive a car here, but do everything on my bike, like 90% of the Dutch do. The other day, during some really bad wind and rain, my friend said she'd be happy to drive me if I needed it. It's tempting, but you know, the best part of being miserable on the bike is that I know I'm not a slave to the weather. It's when miserable feels rad.

Wishing you the best for your birthday, you crazy gal you!
Happy Happy Joy Joy-Deb